How Long Would You Survive in the Wild Wild West?

Brian Whitney

About This Quiz

When you think about what it would be like to live in the Wild Wild West, it might sound like it could be something you could do, maybe even something that would be fun. I mean, we all know you look really cool in a cowboy hat, and perhaps you could even grow a super cool mustache.

You like horses, or at least you think that you do, and you're pretty sure you could ride one just fine. You think that chilling out in an old-time saloon might be kind of cool, and you're pretty sure you could fight off the bad guys if they came for you, and as far as Indians goes, you're pretty sure you would get along with them just fine.

So the whole thing would probably be a piece of cake for you, right? Well, you wouldn't be able to use your phone, because you know, there wouldn't be any phones, things might be a little rough when it came to soft beds or getting good gel for your hair which you are going to need because that cowboy hat is totally going to mess it up, and did we mention how dusty it would be? How would you do in the Wild, Wild West? Take this quiz and find out.

Have you read Louis L'Amour?

How well do you get along with horses?

What western archetype do you empathize with the most?

Which of these actors do you like better?

How would you cross a river in the woods?

Do you have a favorite Quentin Tarantino movie?

Do you like camping?

Are you an individualist?

Have you ever worked outside in the rain?

Rodeos are...

How into cars are you?

How often do you need to do laundry?

You think someone is outside your house at night, how do you handle it?

Do you look good in a cowboy hat?

Where do you hang out?

Does hot weather bother you?

Do you burn easily?

Would you like to drive cattle?

How social are you?

Your power just went out, what do you do?

Are you good at building fires?

What do you do if someone tries to mug you?

Someone challenged you to a duel, what do you do?

You've been accused of stealing--what do you do?

Who would you be in a mining town?

Which Clint Eastwood movie do you like best?

What would you do if a snake bit you?

You ride into a town after a long journey. How long do you think you would stay before riding out?

How long do you think you could you survive in the woods with no equipment?

What do you think of handlebar mustaches?

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