Quiz: How Likely Were You to Be Knighted in a Past Life?
How Likely Were You to Be Knighted in a Past Life?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Some think they were great or terrible people in their past lives. Given the demographics of humankind, the likelihood anyone was once Napoleon Bonaparte and not one of billions and billions of Chinese peasants is pretty slim, but then many cultures have some form of knighthood. What is the likelihood you were knighted in a past life?

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How often do you get your way?

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How often do you violate the rules of chivalry?

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Do you have respect for authority?

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Do you put much stock in religion?

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Would you do as you were told by a moral authority, even if it were going to materially hurt you?

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Would your friends describe you as mature?

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Would your parents describe you as mature?

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Do you identify with knights of fiction?

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What do you think of owing your sense of identity to someone else?

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Would you like to be a knight in your present life?

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Would you consider being a member of a society like the Freemasons?

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