How Ladylike Are You?

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The word "lady" has a curious etymology: it's an Anglo-Saxon word that means "loaf-kneader," as in, "the one who makes the bread." This was in contrast to "lord," which comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for "loaf-guarder," or "the one who protects the bread." 

A lady was a special kind of female person, as distinct from a mere woman, who was more of a worker bee type; a lady was a boss, the counterpart of the lord and the one who made sure that the resources of the manor were managed wisely and profitably.

She was far more equal than her Norman counterpart, who was considered more of a retiring figure. A lady was a figure of power, to whom obedience was due. She ran the manor while the lord was away fighting and securing the land (guarding the bread, if you will).

All this is to say that being a lady isn't just about moving or speaking a certain way or dressing well. Sure, it's also about those things, but it's really about confidence in your role, about knowing who you are, and about not accepting lowered standards in the way you are treated or how you treat others. It's about respect given and received. So tell us about how you move through the world, and we'll see whether you're a true lady!

Would you rather be a host or guest?

How often do you curse?

You're going into a house of worship. What would you wear?

You are lounging around at home. What do you wear?

Guests are coming to dinner. What is your first move?

Do you wear high heels?

When do you raise your voice?

If you had to address a strange man in person, what would you call him?

Do you believe you have to give respect to get respect?

What are you doing in your profile pic on your main social media account?

Last time you saw a creep bothering a young woman in the street, what did you do?

Do you know your neighbors?

What sort of car would you like to drive?

Do you care what people think of you?

Would you ever go out in public in pajamas?

Are you a natural leader?

Do you think men should be in charge?

Do you have a good financial brain?

How ambitious are you?

When is it OK to tell a lie?

Are you competitive during games like chess, Cards Against Humanity, or Monopoly?

Do you get road rage?

Who is a female role model for you?

Who is a male role model for you?

How often do you talk about people behind their back?

Do you air your dirty relationship laundry in public?

Do you brag about how much things cost?

If you got a raise, how would you tell people?

If you won a prize, what would be the first words out of your mouth?

Do you take good care of your health?

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