How High in the Army Could You Rank?

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About This Quiz

If you were to become a member of the elite military force known as the Army, how high do you think you could rank? Before you go overestimating your abilities and start packing up your things for an office at the Pentagon, let's take a look at your skills and let's try to be realistic!

As we try to figure out if you would make it all the way to General, we need to learn a few things about you first. The way you live your life and your long-held beliefs will allow us to evaluate your military potential. Will you decide you've had enough at Private or will you climb your way to Major? The answers lie in your responses. 

Once we ask you a question, you will have the opportunity to choose from four responses. If you value your place in the Army, you will pause for a moment of reflection and select the response that best represents you. Only when we have enough information about your work ethic, your personality, and your patriotism will we be able to accurately figure out which Army rank you will earn yourself.

Shine up your shoes, your highest Army is right around the corner!

Are you currently in the Army?

Do you make your bed every day?

How would your boss describe you?

How tech savvy are you?

Which branch of the military do you think is toughest?

Which military vehicle would you most like to drive?

Do you do your own auto maintenance?

Could you drop and do 50 pushups?

Which film do you like most?

How are your marksmanship skills?

Which U.S. president do you find most interesting?

What is your favorite part of going camping?

Would you ever jump out of an airplane?

Which war do you know most about?

What do you think of bald eagles?

Have you ever gone hunting?

How would your coworkers describe your personality?

Which MRE dessert would you like most?

If you woke up in the middle of the desert, what is the first thing you would do?

Are you good at working in teams?

Which country would you like to explore?

How healthy is your diet?

What would your job in a military hospital be?

Are you more outgoing than shy?

What area of your life is most important to you right now?

Do you have a flag in your front yard?

Could you iron a uniform?

How often do you shine your shoes?

How organized are you?

If you had a flat tire, what would you do first?

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