Quiz: How High Can You Score on This MLB Quiz?
How High Can You Score on This MLB Quiz?
By: Kale Havervold
Image: anton5146/E+/GettyImages

About This Quiz

Out of all of the major sports in North America, none have been around longer than the MLB (Major League Baseball). The league has been going strong since 1903, with the National League actually dating back to 1876.  The league now makes nearly $10 billion a year and shows no signs of slowing down. 

There have been thousands of players who have worn an MLB jersey with pride and there have been several new rules implemented in the game over the years. As a result, a lot of historic plays, statistics, wins, and losses have taken place in the hundreds of thousands of MLB games played over the last century-plus. 

While some fans simply look forward to the next season when one ends, others look back and love the history of the game. There are a ton of baseball historians out there who love the sport and have knowledge of it that you wouldn't believe. Think you're one of them? 

In an effort to separate the experts and those who claim to be experts, we have decided to put together a quiz all about the MLB. From players, to statistics, to rules, this quiz has it all. Up for the challenge? If so, read on and test your knowledge!

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