How Hardcore Are You?

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Some people are hardcore, and the rest of us know those people when we see them. They're in the gym, benching objects that most of us couldn't lift an inch. They're in the office, taking the big risks and usually getting the big rewards. They're out there jumping out of places, dangling from ropes on the sides of cliffs, and collecting injuries and bruises that they merely shrug off before striking out once more for the far horizon. When things go down, hardcore people are also typically the people who end up getting punched and doing the punching.

Still, being hardcore requires more than just being a great big lout who likes to start (or finish) fights. It's about being tough in multiple ways: mentally, physically and emotionally. It's about admitting to yourself that you're scared, but continuing doing what has to be done. It's about knowing when to open up and let another person in, and not being afraid to trust even when you've been hurt. After all, nothing is more hardcore than living an authentic life in a world that often demands precisely the opposite.

Just how hardcore are you? It's time to find out!

When was the last time you cried?

Look, a puppy! What do you think of its little face?

Everyone needs a hobby. What's yours?

What's the best genre of movie to relax to?

You meet a new cat. How long before it lets you rub its belly?

What is the dominant color palette in your house?

What British accent do you feel best represents you?

You have to cover a song unexpectedly. Whose music will you use?

What's the most extreme thing you've ever survived?

Remember that puppy we mentioned earlier? It's sad. What do you do?

You're late for work and the train is very full. You can take your chances running to the next car, or push an old lady out of the way. Which do you choose?

When you lost your last milk tooth, how did it finally exit your mouth?

A big man falls down in the street and bangs his head. A passing doctor asks for help to hold him still while she tends to him. What do you do?

Which generation do you think is the most hardcore, and why?

What punishment did you get when you were naughty as a child?

Who would play you in a movie?

You've been ordered by a judge to perform community service, but you can choose what you do. What's your preference?

What dance genre do you think most perfectly encapsulates humanity's deepest flaws?

Which vice do you like to indulge in the most often?

If you won a holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A very large, terrifying spider is between you and a donut you want. Can you soldier on through?

You're building a crib for your friend's baby, who is due home from the hospital on Friday. While hammering on Thursday, you smash your finger. Will the crib get done?

Have you ever achieved lucid dreaming (when you are dreaming, but you know it is a dream)?

A man harasses you in the street. What's going to happen next?

What mythological creature have you always thought you'd quite like to have for a pet?

Have you ever made someone cry on purpose?

How often do your regrets overcome you?

Out sailing, you have a serious cut and someone just dropped the first aid kit overboard. What will you do?

You've got terrible diarrhea during a very important phone interview. What are the odds they're going to know about it?

There's very bad turbulence on your flight. How do you cope?

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