How Good Is Your Common Sense, Really?


By: Robin Tyler

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Common sense ... do you have it?

Believe it or not, it can be short supply at times. But what is common sense? Well in a nutshell, common sense can be described as having a practicality about yourself, and good judgment. That's fairly important. It's finding the right answer when others seem just as possible. It's about knowing situations, how people might react, and essentially finding your way when things are a little cloudy.

Much like the questions you will find in this quiz. Although many of them may obvious, they are not and you should carefully scrutinize all the available options before clicking on your choice. Now that's using some common sense don't you think. Most of us think that we have the smarts to best our friends, but common sense is a different kind of intelligence and this test will determine whether you have it or not.

So what can you expect? Well, there are plenty of strange questions, each designed to test your levels of common sense to the max!

Think you can ace it? Our common sense says you will do just fine, as long as you take your time!

Well, let's begin and find out!

Good luck!

Is there a 4th of July in Great Britain?

Yes. There is even a 4th of July in North Korea. It's a day in July and it happens annually.


Can you name the highest mountain in the world before the discovery of Mount Everest?

Despite the fact that it was not discovered, Mount Everest would still have been the highest mountain in the world. Nothing was bigger, so therefore discovery or not, it was the highest.


In math, take the number 30. If you subtract 5 from it, how many times can you do it?

Just once actually. Once you have subtracted 5 from 30, you have 25. The following subtractions then would be 5 from 25, 5 from 20, 5 from 15, 5 from 10 and 5 from 5 but never 5 from 30 again.


If you want to throw a ball, have it reverse direction and come back to where it started, what do you do?

Throwing a ball in the air and catching it is the simple way to have it reverse its direction and come back to where it started.


Can a man wed his widow's sister?

No he cannot. He is dead.


You have been kidnapped and placed in a dark room. By feeling your way around, you find out that it has a stove, a match, a candle and a gas lamp. Which one would you light first?

Without lighting the match first, none of the others can be lit.


A farmer has a problem with crows. He sees 10 on a fence and shoots one of them. How many are left?

After shooting one, none would be left as the other would have flown away because of the gunshot.


Peacocks do not lay eggs. How are their offspring born?

Yes! Only peahens can lay eggs. Peahens, is that even a word?


What was the name of the president in 1963?

Yes, his name was still Donald J. Trump back in 1964.


Which state is Chesapeake Bay in?

Yes, a bay is filled with seawater, it is in a liquid state for sure.


Z is the father of Y but Y is not the son of Z. How is that possible?

Simple, isn't it? A father is a father, even to daughter and Z is certainly then his daughter.


One day, a rooster flies to the top of a barn roof and lays an egg. It doesn't roll off and break. Why?

It's simple, really. Roosters can't lay eggs.


What is found at the end of time, the beginning of eternity, the start of every end and the end of every place?

Yes, the letter E. See for yourself! Simple, really.


You have a basket with 6 apples in it. How do you give them to 6 people so that one apple remains in the basket.

It's just logic. To keep the last apple and the basket together, give them both to the last person.


When Adam took the animals on the Ark, how many of each species did he take?

It was Noah who built the Ark to survive the great flood.


Does 1,000 pounds of steel weigh the same as 1,000 pounds of linen cloth?

They weigh the same. There will be a much larger volume of linen, however


A human has how many birthdays on average?

You are only born once. You then celebrate that day each year.


Which is the most populous country in the world?

China is currently the most populated country in the world at around 1.8 billion people. That is 18% of the world's population.


If you divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10, what do you have?

30/0.5+10 = 70. Remember you are dividing 30 by half, not halving it!


One day, there was a little old lady who loved the color green. In her house, a cute one-story, she had all her walls painted green, the carpets are green, pretty much everything is green. What color are her stairs?

It's a one-story house. This means there will be no stairs.


How many three-cent stamps are to be found in a dozen?

No matter how much they cost, a dozen is still a dozen, so therefore 12.


If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around, will it make a noise?

Of course it will, there is just no one to hear it!


The assistant in the local butcher shop is around 5'11". What does he weigh?

Yes, that's his job. To weigh meat!


While the wind is blowing from west to east, an apple falls from a tree. Where will it land?

It's the logical answer, is it not!


Which of these countries is not in Europe?

Although fairly close to Europe, Israel is found in the Middle East.


A truck driver proceeds the wrong way down a one-way street past a number of cops. Why is he not stopped and ticketed?

Easy, hey. Even truckers have to walk sometimes!


Which of these countries is not found in the Caribbean?

But you knew that, didn't you?


How can you go five days without sleeping?

Yes, if you're not sleeping during the day, you certainly will be sleeping at night! So no problems there!


How can you lift a giant with one hand?

So true! Giants are hard to find these days and giants with one hand even more so.


A baker's dozen consists of how many pastries/pies or whatever you choose to buy from a bakery?

That's right. Apparently bakers are the charitable sort, because a baker's dozen is 13.


If you dig a hole 3 feet deep, 4 feet wide and 6 feet long, how much dirt is in it?

Yes, none. I can't be a hole if still has dirt in it.


A doctor gives you three pills with the strict instruction to take one every half hour. How long will it take to finish them?

For example, take the first pill at 10, the second at 10.30 and the third at 11. Easy!


If a wall took 8 hours to be built by 4 men, how much time would it take 2 men to build it?

0 hours! They can't build something that is built already.


Barry's dad had five sons. He called them 1,2,3,4 and ?

The answer is in the question. Did you miss it?


If you have six fish and half of them die from drowning, how many do you have?

6 for sure! A fish can't drown, silly.


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