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Hallelujah! It's finally time to test your Bible vocabulary. Nervous? This quiz is going to make you wish you were back in Sunday school. Say a prayer.


An advent is a long-awaited arrival. The second coming of Jesus is considered an Advent.


An altar is a raised structure on which sacrifices to God take place. Thank goodness there are no more sacrifices!


Baptism is a spiritual ceremony in which a person is immersed or dipped in water. The process of Baptism also leads to rebirth.


A sacrament is a religious ceremony. Baptism, for instance, is a sacrament.


A cherub is a wined angel, often portrayed as a child. Cherubs appear a great deal in religious art.


Someone who is fallible is liable to make mistakes or be deceived. God is infallible!


Gluttony is described as excessive eating. It is one of the deadly sins that we all commit on Thanksgiving.


Idolatry is characterized by the worship of idols. It's also the worship of images that are not God.


Leaven is a substance that is used to produce fermentation in dough, making it rise. Bread plays a special role in the Bible.


A messiah is an expected deliverer. Jesus is referred to as the Messiah.


Omnipresent means present everywhere at the same time. The Lord is most certainly omnipresent.


To be prodigal is to be recklessly wasteful. Did you give birth to a prodigal son? It happens.


Rapture is a state of being carried away by intense joy. It's possible to experience rapture when worshiping the Lord.


To be righteous is to be morally justified. The Lord is righteous, and kindness to others is righteous.


Temperance is self-restraint. The Women's Christian Temperance Movement was about giving up booze.


Wrath is intense anger, in an epic proportion. Ain't no one wanna feel the wrath of the Lord!


Genesis is the first book of the Bible. It is in the Old Testament and tells of the Creation of the world.


Antediluvian is a word used to describe the period before the Biblical flood. It can humorously be used to refer to something as old-fashioned.


An apostle is an ardent early supported of change or reform. There are Twelve Apostles in the Bible.


Atonement is the act of making amends. One atones for sin or wrongdoing.


A disciple is one who believes and spreads the doctrine of another. Jesus had many disciples during His time on earth.


An epiphany is a manifestation of something divine. It is also a sudden revelation or insight.


An exodus is an escape from a menacing force. The Jews' exodus from Egypt is described in the Bible.


Gospel is the written body of teachings accepted by a religious group. The first four books of the New Testament - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - are known as the Gospel.


A leviathan is the largest, most massive of its kind. The Leviathan is also a sea monster described in the Book of Job.


Something that is omnipotent is all-powerful. God is omnipotent, and no other.


Paradise is not only heaven, it's also any place of bliss and peace. We can create paradise on earth!


A prophecy is a prediction that comes from divine inspiration. The birth of Jesus was prophesied before it happened.


A scapegoat is someone that is punished for the errors of others. There are many scapegoats in the Bible and in modern society.


Forbearance is refraining from something. It can also be a loan extension.


A parable is a short moral story. There are many religious parables that teach us important lessons.


The patriarch is the male head of a family or tribe. Jacob is regarded as the patriarch of the Israelites.


A pestilence is any epidemic disease that kills many people. That sounds worse than a valley of snakes.


To rejoice is to feel happiness or joy. Every day, we need to find a reason to rejoice!


Repentance is remorse for past conduct. I'm pretty sure we all have things that we need to repent for. #human.

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