How Good of a Car Parent Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

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About This Quiz

If you have a car, you know that it takes a lot, and we mean a lot, to care for it and keep it running. But the long-term life of your car is also heavily dependent on how well you take care of it. Can you imagine ignoring noises under the hood until the car stops moving? While that may shock you, some people do treat their vehicles badly, which has inspired us to test just how good of a car parent you really are. 

Are you a great one? Do you never miss a checkup or a sign that something may be wrong? Is your car always clean and gets regular windscreen wipes or are you the opposite? Are you one of those people whose car sputters down the road? Do you patch up a tire 100 times before deciding to get a new one?  Does your car get dirty enough that people are able to write in the dust on its windows?

Never fear, our quiz will let you know just what kind of car parent you are. Will you get an A for doing a good job or will you get an E for effort? Or maybe you'll walk away with a note telling you that you're OK, but that you can do better? The only way to find out is to get started on this quiz! 

Do you do a check before you set out to drive?

How hard do you push it off-road?

What sort of regular checkup do you personally give your car?

How often do you take your car in to be professionally serviced?

Do you clean the engine regularly?

How often do you vacuum the interior?

How often do you use leather lotion on the seats?

How often do you condition the rubber on the tires?

How often do you wash the car?

Do you know what all the warning lights in your car mean?

How hard do you push your car in the snow?

Do you know how to fix things when a warning light comes on?

How do you drive in the rain?

How often do you wax the car?

How often do you rotate your tires?

How often do you change your headlights?

How often do you check the tire pressure?

Do you ever loan your car to friends?

How tightly would you pack your truck?

How diligent are you about topping up the gas tank?

Do you use a car cover?

Do you have any aftermarket parts on your car?

Do you take your car to gatherings of gearheads?

Do you ever track your car?

Have you ever used your car to jump someone else's car?

What do you call your car when it does a good job?

Who else is allowed to drive your car?

Where do you store your car?

How will you bid goodbye to your car when it is time?

Have you ever bump-started someone else's car with yours?

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