Quiz: How Far Would You Make It on "Jeopardy?"
How Far Would You Make It on "Jeopardy?"
By: Mark Philip Lichtenstein
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

"Jeopardy" may be a great game, but do you know that it's 54 years old? Yes, the show originally debuted in 1964 but lasted a little less than a year. It was brought back a second time and again didn't stick; the show ended in 1979. As with all things in life, or so we are led to believe, the third time is a charm. "Jeopardy" was revived in 1984, and has been on our screens since. It is the only '60s gameshow to be given the Peabody Award and has won over 30 Daytime Emmy Awards. It's no wonder that people like you are fans of the show. So we want to know, if you were on the show, just how long would you last? 

Will you win weeks worth of "Jeopardy" games? Not many people have the chops to win for even more than one week. Will you triumph through just a few episodes? There's no shame in this, especially since you could win over $100,000. Will you be a one-hit wonder and just win for one like so many other contestants? Or, will you not even make it to the end? 

Can you make it to Final Jeopardy? Or will you win enough games to rival Ken Jennings? Let's find out. 

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Are you as smart as your mom thinks you are?

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Are you jack of all trades or master of none?

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Did you listen to your mother when you were a kid?

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Do you have a plan to make psychological warfare on your competition to destroy them?

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Are you ready for fame in the age of social media?

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Did people at school call you a nickname that means "brainy", and if so, what was it?

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