How Far Could You Get in an Episode of Chopped?

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About This Quiz

"Chopped" is an American reality cooking type reality game show in which contestants compete for a prize of $10,000 and the title of Chopped Champion. Every episode, four chefs compete in a series of three rounds of cooking - appetizer, entree and dessert - where they are given a basket of ingredients which they must use in their dishes. At the end of every round and after the food is judged, a contest is chopped (sent home).

The show first premiered in 2009 and has since aired over 450 episodes. The show has been so successful that there have been special episodes where celebrities have competed for charities and other special causes.

Hosted by Ted Allen, the show is judged by a group of chefs who are considered giants in the culinary industry, all of whom own successful restaurants or are stars of their own shows. Some of these people include Alex Guarnaschelli, Geoffrey Zakarian, Scott Conant, Aarón Sanchez and Amanda Freitag.

Have you ever thought about competing on the show? Well, if you have, then you must have thought about how far you would make it. Will you win the entire thing or will you only make it past the appetizer round? If you would like to find out before applying, then you should definitely take this quiz!

Which round do you think you will excel in?

Which of these judges do you want to judge your food?

What will you do with the $10,000?

Which of these basket themes do you like most?

Which of these ingredients do you want to see?

Which of these basket ingredients do you not want to see?

Which of these mistakes are you likely to make?

Do you think you will run out of time?

Which of these garnishes do you use most often?

Will you be smack-talking your competitors?

Which of these spices will you be using?

Which of these herbs will you add to the mix?

Which of these citrus fruits do you think will add a pop to your dish?

You have five minutes left, so you decide to ___________.

Are you going to use the grill?

Have you thought about making ice cream?

What percentage of your creations are innovative and what percentage are pure luck?

What will you be criticized for?

Who are you competing for?

How would you react if you were chopped?

How do you think you will come across on television?

If you could change the color of the "Chopped" uniform, it would be to…

Which of these other Food Network shows do you watch?

Which of these types of foods is your specialty?

Which of these sensations is your favorite?

Which of these culinary capitals would you visit?

Which of these chefs do you hope to be like?

Which of these difficult recipes do you think you can master?

Which of these meals would you cook for family?

What do you like to do with your free time?

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