Quiz: How Does This Snake Kill Its Prey?
How Does This Snake Kill Its Prey?
By: Robin Tyler
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About This Quiz

Mention snakes to some people and they will run a mile. Show them a snake, and they will run a mile more!

How do you rank in that regard? In all seriousness, snakes are fascinating creatures. They are really a varied species and come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of deadly!

And they are deadly for a number of reasons. Obviously, we all think of snakes that bite first. Those fangs are perfectly made to help inject poison into a hapless victim, usually its prey. Once the poison does its work, and the prey is incapacitated, the snake has his ready meal!

Other larger snakes make use of constriction as a way to kill their intended victim. First, they catch them and then slowly wrap their bodies around them, squashing the life force out of the hapless prey. Once done, they too have a meal ready and waiting.

Some snakes even hunt their victims and eat them whole when they catch them. Yes, while they are still alive. Eeew! That can't go down to well...

But would you be able to tell which method a snake would use? For example, a rattlesnake. Would it use venom, eat whole or constrict its victim.

Let's sssssseeeee how you do.

Good luck!

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How does an anaconda kill its prey?
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Beautiful but dangerous, you want to steer clear of this death adder. It kills its prey using which method below?
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Any idea how the ball python does away with its prey?
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A true rattler, the eastern diamondback rattlesnake uses which of the options below to feed?
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How does a black mamba down its prey?
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Not dangerous to humans, a garter snake will use which method when feeding?
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Often kept as a pet, which of the methods below does the boa use to deal with prey?
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The chain viper is found throughout Asia. How does this beautiful snake dispose of its prey?
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The stunning looking tiger snake kills prey using which of the options below?
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In what way does a Belcher's sea snake incapacitate its prey?
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An African rock python is known to attack how?
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This is a Philippine cobra. Identify a method from those below in which it will deal with its evening meal, please.
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Any ideas as to how the garden tree boa pictured in this image will take down its prey?
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How does the strangely named Taipan deal with its prey?
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The Eastern indigo snake is found in the Eastern USA, where it will use which method below when hunting?
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A Tiger rattlesnake will use which method below to take down its prey?
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How does a reticulated python deal with prey?
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Species of the sand boa are found throughout the world, from Asia, to America and even Africa. How does it deal with prey at feeding time?
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You should be able to recognize a cobra from this image. This one is an India cobra. Would it constrict, eat or use venom on its prey?
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This image shows a ribbon snake. How do you think it feeds?
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The stunning looking blood python is featured in this image. Will it eat, constrict or use venom on its prey?
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Here we have the Gaboon viper. Can you tell us its method of dealing with prey?
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How does the rubber boa feed?
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Also called the ringneck spitting cobra, the rinkhals is one bad dude! How does it deal with prey?
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A boomslang, which means 'tree snake' is found in Africa. How does it dispose of its prey.
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Which of these methods below will the Eastern hognose snake use on its prey?
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The king cobra is shown in this image. It deals with its prey in what manner?
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Does a Stimson python eat its prey whole? Or does it bite them and inject venom? Or does it use constriction methods?
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An inland taipan will deal with prey by __________
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How does the rosy boa take out its prey?
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Can you tell us how a water snake will take down its prey before feeding?
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Simply stunning! Rainbow boas are pretty indeed. Their prey doesn't think so when it is taken down, however. How does this snake accomplish that?
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What method does the Eastern brown snake, pictured here, deal with prey?
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Which of these would the Calabar python use when hunting prey?
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The beautiful blue krait is shown here. What hunting and feeding method does it use?
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Any idea how a Barbados thread snake will take down its prey?
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The beautiful emerald tree boa is pictured here. Which of the options below would it use while hunting and feeding?
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The interestingly named saw scaled viper would use which of the answers below to deal with prey?
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Carpet pythons hunt pray using which method below?
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The eastern coral snake has unbelievable coloring. It is deadly, however. How would it kill its prey?
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