Quiz: Quiz: How does a light bulb work?
Quiz: How does a light bulb work?
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What's inside a light bulb? Why don't they burst into flames? What exactly makes a light bulb glow, anyway? Take our quiz to see whether you're in the dark about how light bulbs work.

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What was a drawback to using oil lamps for lighting?
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Who was the first to invent an affordable and workable electric light for the home?
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When was the light bulb invented?
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Twenty-five years after its invention, how many homes around the world had light bulbs?
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What are light particles called?
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Which of these weighs the least?
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When an electron has more energy, will it be closer, farther or the same distance from the nucleus of the atom?
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How many contacts are on the base of an incandescent light bulb?
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In an electrical current, in what direction do the electrons flow?
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If you stretched out the filament in a 60-watt bulb, how long would it be?
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Why is tungsten a good metal to use for light bulb filaments?
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What gas fills most light bulbs today?
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About what percent of the light from an incandescent bulb is actually visible?
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