How Dependent on Technology Are You Compared to Other People Your Age?

Mark Lichtenstein

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There have been enormous changes over the past decades when it comes to technology, so how old you are has a lot to do with how much you need it.

Back in the day, people actually weren't sure if messing around with computers was worth it, and they took pride in being able to do things themselves. Are you old enough to remember using a map? If you aren't, believe it or not, people used to actually use a map to find out how to get somewhere in their car, instead of just looking it up on their phone, and people had to learn how to spell, instead of just using spellcheck. 

Believe it or not, instead of emailing and texting, people used to write letters and call each other on the phone. A lot of people simply wouldn't be able to get by without the technology of today; if you took them away from their phones or computers for a few days, they would totally freak right out.

You aren't one of those people though, right? You have it all going on, you are tough and resilient, and you don't need all of those silly apps, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to get through the day. Or do you? Take this quiz to find out if you rule technology, or if it rules you.

How often do you get a new smartphone?

How much time do you spend streaming?

How much time do you spend on Facebook every day?

Do you jot things down in a notebook or on your phone?

Do you actually use the word "hashtag" when you speak?

Do you ever find yourself saying "LOL" instead of just laughing like a normal human being?

What kind of pen do you favor?

Do you keep paper bank records?

Do you own any amount of a cryptocurrency?

Do you know the difference between different kinds of notebooks?

Do you ever find yourself complaining about cheap paper?

Do you know how to read an analog clock?

Do you know how to read a sun dial?

Do you understand Roman numerals?

How long can you go without checking your phone?

How many books do you read per year?

Do you find you read physical books or e-books?

Do you know how to adjust the volume on your TV without a remote?

When you throw a party, do you send physical RSVPs, or do you just send out a Facebook invite?

Can you use a map and compass?

Do you know how to drive a manual car?

Can you find out how to do something using a library, or must you use the internet?

Do you know how to tune a radio?

Do you know how to get the weather without using the internet?

Could you reserve movie tickets without the internet?

Could you get through a work day without instant messaging people?

Do you ever find yourself deliberately leaving your phone at home?

Do you feel affronted when someone calls you on the phone?

Do you feel slighted when someone doesn't immediately respond to your texts?

Do you have a name for your phone?

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