How Deadpool Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

Heroes are relatable, by design. For an audience to feel the pain of a hero, they are created to be sympathetic, funny, or cool in a way that makes us think we are like them or want to be like them. Deadpool somehow manages to be compassionate, funny, and cool all at the same time. 

Wade Wilson is like Spider-Man, only with guns. His costume looks like Spidey, loaded up with guns and knives. He makes jokes in the face of death, to an audience he has explicitly said he will kill. At the same time, Deadpool has endured terrible suffering, being "cured of cancer" by means of a cruel experiment that makes him look like a monster, and confines him to his deliberately ridiculous costume.

So how much have you suffered? How good are you at your job? Do you have a lot of frenemies but few real friends? Are you funny at the expense of being rude? Are you visibly scarred by your tragic past? Are you essential in a struggle that seems local but may actually involve the fate of the world? Find out today by taking our "How Deadpool are you?" quiz!

How bad was your worst past experience?

Did your worst past experience leave you with any psychological scars?

Did your worst past experience leave you with any physical scars?

Did you get hurt on the job?

How do you feel about authority figures?

How patriotic are you?

Are you easy to have a conversation with?

Are you funny?

How good is your sense of irony?

How likely are you to act on a knee-jerk reaction?

Do you hold grudges?

Are you willing to change things up if you encounter an intractable problem?

Are you a snappy dresser?

Which is the best color, red, black, or white?

What is your favorite weapon?

What is your favorite strategy for confronting a fortified enemy?

Do you deal with much tension in the workplace?

Do you have a special someone?

Do you get jealous of your professional contacts?

What is your biggest dream?

Would you do anything to live longer?

If you could have one mutant power, what would you like best?

Who is your least favorite Marvel mutant?

Which of these super heroes could you totally take?

How do you get around?

How do you dress on your days off?

Who is your favorite comic book artist?

Who is the best hero in the Marvel universe, other than Deadpool?

What other Disney-owned franchise could benefit from an appearance by Deadpool?

How long are you going to wait to see the new Deadpool movie?

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