Quiz: How Datable Are You?
How Datable Are You?
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

Are you one of those people who can't help but wonder why your dating life just is not where it should be? No need to sweat it. When joining the dating scene, remember it's always best to move at your own pace.

Maybe it's too soon for you to jump back in right now. Or maybe you're a true catch but can't seem to escape the friend zone. Well, calling all wallflowers! Listen up, because we have got the quiz for you!

While we can't exactly tell you why your love life might be D.O.A., we can tell you just how datable you are. So, if you'd like to find out where you rank on the dating Richter scale, keep reading.

Do you appear single and ready to mingle? Or maybe you come off as someone way too stuck in his or her own ways? Everyone falls somewhere on the datability spectrum. What vibes are you sending out across the room? Wonder no more.

Who knows? Maybe this quiz will give you the key to finding out what's really going on in your dating life. Don't wait another moment. Spend some time on you to see just how datable you are!

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Does it bother you to date someone more successful than you are?

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Do you like to talk about politics a lot?

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Do you feel comfortable approaching people you are attracted to?

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What do you do if someone attractive approaches you and starts to talk?

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You just got a friend request from someone attractive who has mutual friends. What do you do?

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Are you curious about people?

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Do you like to be around a lot of people?

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How long has it been since your last serious relationship?

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When you ask someone on a date, what is the main reason?

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How many dates should you have before you try and hook up?

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Would you date someone that you didn't see yourself having a future with?

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Which actor do you like the most?

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