How Cowboy Are You Based on These Yes or No Questions?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Do you spend your days dreaming about being outdoors riding a horse across the open plains? If you do, there's a good chance there's a lot of cowboy living inside you. While everyone has a little bit of cowboy in their souls, some of us have more than others. Once you answer our yes or no questions, we'll tell you exactly how cowboy you are! 

From John Wayne to "Brokeback Mountain," cowboys have always been a beloved part of American pop culture. Historically speaking, as the country spread wider and homesteading began cowboys held very important jobs keeping livestock heading the right way and making sure the land was safe. By the time you finish our questions, we'll know where you stand in the being-a-cowboy department. 

Should you make a career change, or should you stay where you are? Saddle up your horses and ride through the things we ask about you. After you lasso up enough yeses or nos, we'll tell you how much, or how little, work you need to do to become a full-time cowboy. Are boots, spurs and chaps the kind of thing you dream about at night? Get along little doggie, and we'll let you know how much of a cowboy you are at heart!

Are you a big fan of John Wayne?

Could you muck out a stable without getting queasy?

Are you comfortable on horseback?

Do you own more than one pair of cowboy boots?

Have you ever watched a cow give birth?

Did you watch "Brokeback Mountain" more than once?

Would you say that you're a good leader?

Would you enjoy sleeping under the stars?

Do you know where to shop for chaps?

Are you wearing anything made from leather?

Would you consider beans one of your favorite foods?

Have you ever worn a handkerchief around your neck?

Could you make dinner on an open fire?

Would you like living on a ranch?

Do you know how to shoot a rifle?

Could you survive long hours of solitude?

Would you like to try riding bareback?

Are you tough enough to handle winter cattle drives?

Can you lasso and tie a calf?

Do you think rodeo clowns are funny?

Could you last for eight seconds on a mechanical bull?

Would you look good in a Tom Mix hat?

Have you ever been to Montana?

Do you speak with an accent or drawl?

Would you know where to place a horse's bit?

Do you have a large belt buckle?

Can you do the "Boot Scootin' Boogie?"

Do you have a knack with animals?

Would you want a dog to accompany you on your rounds?

Have you ever lived on a farm?

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