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Many of us have already had the experience of flying on a budget airline. Contrary to popular belief, most low-cost carriers arrive on time and do not lose your luggage, though you might have to put up with smaller seats and snack-less flights. Before you book your next flight, take our quiz to see how much you really know about flying on a budget.

In which century did air travel debut?

In the early 20th century, air travel was very expensive. Only after World War II did air travel become accessible to the average person.


Budget airlines reduce ticket prices by cutting their _____costs.

Budget airlines usually cut services such as food and beverages in order to offer you a cheaper ticket.


Until 1978 the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) regulated all United States interstate airlines. What did they regulate?

Because the CAB regulated airline fares, airlines had to compete with each other by offering extra perks to passengers such as fancy dinners and free drinks. From 1978, the airlines were able to charge whatever they wanted and a new form of competition began.


The Boeing 737 is considered a _____ passenger jet.

A medium size passenger jet costing about $50 million, the Boeing 737 is a favorite of budget airlines.


Airline pilots can earn more than _____ a year.

Experienced pilots with more than 10 years' experience in the air can earn a salary of more than $100,000 a year.


Which of the following expenses is the most unpredictable for the airlines?

Fuel prices are volatile and therefore represent an unpredictable expense for commercial airlines. Estimates put the airlines' fuel bill at between $2 billion and $5 billion every month.


Which of the following expenses are typical of commercial airlines?

Airlines, like all businesses, have many different expenses. Maintenance costs, computer systems to track reservations, pilot training and travel agent fees are just a few that are unique to the commercial airline industry.


One important way budget airlines save money is by _____ hedging.

Airlines often feel compelled to gamble against the future price of jet fuel in order to save money. Fuel hedging involves locking in the price of fuel for months or years, gambling that fuel prices will rise.


By using only one kind of plane, budget airlines save on:

Airlines that use only one type of plane can save on maintenance and repair costs, as well as pilot and mechanic training.


Budget airlines save on airport fees by using ______ airports.

Busy, major airports demand high fees. By using smaller, less popular airports, budget airlines can rack up significant savings.


Which of the following airports is the cheapest?

Baltimore BWI Airport is a cheaper alternative to major airports like O'Hare, Kennedy and Dulles. Budget airlines hope cheaper fares will entice passengers to smaller, less convenient airports like BWI.


Budget airlines are known for their _____ class.

Budget airlines save money by offering only one class of seating. Seating is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, simplifying cabin design and eliminating the need for complex booking systems.


Budget airlines usually offer _____ haul flights.

Budget airlines specialize in short-haul and direct flights that cut down on costly transfers at busy airports and shorten waiting times.


Many budget airlines sell their tickets:

Many budget airlines cut expenses by refusing to sell their tickets through travel agents or Internet travel sites. They sell their tickets only at their own counters or on their own Web site.


Are budget airlines safe?

Budget airlines are smart enough to know that neglecting required safety measures would ultimately put them out of business. These airlines are just like regular airlines; they are susceptible to safety problems, but do their best to prevent them.


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