How Awkward Is Your Personality?

Emily Maggrett

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Have you done anything awkward yet today, like waving to a person you don't actually know? Or have you been totally smooth and chill all day long, making polite conversation instead of blurting out facts about turtles and keeping your clothes neat instead of accidentally tucking your skirt into your underwear?

In this quiz, we're exploring awkwardness, in all of its gloriously geeky forms. Not all forms of awkwardness are created equal; some, like blushing, can be endearing, while others, like interrupting people when they're mid-sentence, can hurt you at work and in social situations. If you've ever wondered whether your awkwardness was super cute, merely socially acceptable or out of control, this is the quiz for you!

We want to know if you're always tucking your sleeves over your hands or playing with a graphing calculator. When someone compliments you, do you thank them, or do you stare at the floor real hard? If you have to host a dinner party, do you know how to put your guests at ease, or is the mere notion of such an event a total nightmare for you? If you want to find out how awkward you are, it's time to play this quiz!

An attractive person on a dating app messages you, "Hey, what's up." What do you say?

Do you wear glasses? If so, what do they look like?

Have you ever accidentally addressed your manager as "Mom"?

At a dinner party, a small child calls you "ugly." His parents are mortified. How do you smooth things over?

It's your best friend's wedding. She insists you dance. But you're a bad dancer. What do you do?

How do you cope when you can't remember someone else's name?

Your company's just hired a new CEO and you need to impress him. What will you do?

In conversations with others, how often do you ask questions?

Do you have floppy bangs that get in your eyes?

Someone compliments you. What do you say?

Are you good on the phone?

Do you laugh at other people's jokes, even when they're not funny?

A new acquaintance tells you an intense emotional secret about themselves. How do you respond?

At a party, you overhear someone making fun of you. What do you say?

When standing, do you slump and point your toes toward each other?

You're meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time. Your boyfriend's father hugs you a little too long. What do you do?

What kind of musical instrument do you play?

If you were stuck in an elevator with Harry Styles for three hours, what would you talk to him about?

Are you good at making chit-chat?

Have you ever forgotten to wear deodorant?

Do you collect manga or comics?

Is it easy for you to get dates?

You're attending a conference for work where you know no one. How will you handle it?

Have you ever tried to "hide" inside a sweater or hoodie?

Do you know how to end a phone call?

Have you ever accidentally waved to someone you don't know?

A stranger at a bar buys you a drink. What do you do?

When talking to others, how much eye contact do you make?

What makes you blush?

Have you ever run into an acquaintance on the street and pretended like you didn't see them?

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