How Attractive Is Your Car?

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For better or worse, humans have a real desire to make the things they create be aesthetically pleasing. Sure we mess it up sometimes, and beauty is always going to be in the eye of the beholder, but for the most part, we all like things that are visually appealing and try to avoid those things that are a little off-putting and wrong-looking.  It can come across as shallow in some contexts, but it doesn't always have to be.  Consider art, for instance.  We are attracted to art almost purely because it is visually appealing.  And really, is an automobile all that different from art?  It has to be designed by someone, it's crafted and altered and put together in a way that is meant to be enticing and alluring. We use words like "sleek" and "sexy" to describe new car models.  The visual appeal is built right in. 

Of course, the problem with cars is that they are subject to the rigors and stresses of everyday life. A bad paint job, a car wreck, some untreated rust, all of these things can drastically alter the visual appeal.  And then, let's be honest, some cars just come off the line looking kind of ugly. So where does your car stand?  Answer some questions for us and we'll tell you unequivocally just how attractive your vehicle truly is. 

Car maintenance is something everyone who owns a car has to deal with. How often do you take yours in for a tune-up?

How often do you take your car into the car wash to keep it looking its best?

If someone opens their door and hits your car, what do you do?

Do you know the exact paint color code for your car's paint job?

Where do you park your car when you're at home?

Is having your car detailed something you do very often?

Do you have anything hanging from your rear view mirror?

Being a good driver is always important. Have you ever been in an accident?

What's the worst part of driving, in your opinion?

It's hard to keep your cool out there some days. Have you ever had a road rage incident?

Speed limits are not always the easiest things to follow. Have you ever been ticketed for excessive speed?

Aside from speeding, has a cop ever ticketed you for any other reasons?

If a friend wanted to borrow your car to go somewhere, would you let them?

If we were to go sit in your car right at this moment, would we need to move any trash before buckling up?

What would you say the interior of your car smells like right now?

Do you need your car for work or is it just a personal vehicle?

How often do you hit up a drive-thru and then eat the food in your car?

No one's judging you here. Have you ever slept in your car?

How good are you with basic car maintenance? Have you ever changed your own tire?

You can get a million and one features on a car these days. What's the best feature in your car?

Who is the person we'd most often find in the passenger seat while you're driving?

If your car was out of commission for a while, what would you be doing to get around?

How many cars have you owned in your lifetime?

Would you say you're more a fan of classic cars or new cars?

It doesn't alter the way a car performs at all, but what color do you most like your cars to be?

Car manufacturers are kind of like sports teams, people feel a lot of loyalty to them. Do you have a favorite automaker?

Is there any particular fun thing you like to do in your car?

if we opened your glove box right now, what would we find?

Do you have a favorite car from a movie or TV show?

If you could have any car ever, what car would it be?

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