Quiz: How Attracted Are You to Your Boyfriend, Really?
How Attracted Are You to Your Boyfriend, Really?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Thanasis Zovoilis/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Being in a relationship is fun, or at least it should be. But sometimes we become so comfortable that we're really just wading through the water instead of riding the wave. It's difficult to see how far you've fallen when it comes to attraction if you're not paying attention, but today we want to open your eyes and tell you whether you and your boyfriend are OK in the attraction department, or if there are some things you guys need to talk about. 

This quiz is designed to measure just how much you still want your boyfriend. We're going to ask you about the relationship when you guys first started seeing each other, as well as what it's like now. We want to know whether he still does romantic things or if he's just given up. We want to know how often you guys get physical and if you enjoy it. We'll also want to know if you've cheated or at least thought about it. 

Answer our questions about your relationship and we'll give you our verdict about whether you two are a-OK, or if it ended and you didn't even know it.

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