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People who live on boats are called liveaboards. Living on a boat is not the most popular style of residence in the U.S., but there are those who prefer to shower in the head and cook in the galley. Take this quiz to see how your knowledge of living on a houseboat floats.

What name has been given to those who live on a houseboat?

Liveaboards are people who live on a houseboat.


What is significant about non-cruising houseboats?

These houseboats are intended to have little or no mobility, and are the most popular type of houseboat.


Which direction is starboard?

If you are facing the front of the boat, starboard will be on your right.


What is the depth of a boat?

The draft is the depth of a boat.


Why is the boat's draft important to know?

You do not want to scrape the bottom of the boat, the draft will help you calculate the depth of water required for safe operation.


What is the name for a houseboat's bathroom?

If you use the head, you may need to pump the handle to flush the toilet.


On a houseboat, what is the kitchen called?

The refrigerator and food preparation items will be in the galley.


In what room of the houseboat may the water rock you to sleep?

The stateroom of a houseboat is the bedroom.


How do non-cruising houseboats manage the kitchen and bathroom issues?

Non-cruising houseboats hook up to a direct source of water and sewage treatment.


How does a cruising houseboat deal with water and sewage needs?

Cruising houseboats have installed water and sewage tanks.


How do cruising houseboat dispose of waste?

The heads of some houseboats have a feature that enables incineration of waste and then cruisers may legally dispose of the ash overboard. Another option is to treat the waste and then cruisers may pump it overboard. Liveaboards should observe the laws regarding waste disposal.


What principle keeps boats afloat?

The principle of buoyancy keeps boats afloat.


Why is fiberglass a popular material for the construction of houseboats?

Fiberglass is light and strong and easily maintained.


What pulls a boat toward the water?

The center of gravity pulls a boat toward the water.


Why is it easier to insure a fiberglass boat?

A fiberglass boat has a lower risk of damage than other types of boats.


What is an advantage of wood over fiberglass?

Wood is much less expensive than fiberglass.


Who has the right to search a boat, without probable cause?

The U.S. Coast Guard may search your boat for any rhyme or reason.


Where is the birthplace of houseboating?

Lake Cumberland in Kentucky is the birthplace of houseboating.


Where can you see the Houseboat Museum?

Amsterdam's Houseboat Museum is located just a five-minute walk from the Anne Frank House.


What do police need in order to search your car?

Different from boats, police need probable cause to search your car.


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