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Home décor is a wonderful fusion of color, texture, furniture and accessories. To supply another element to the mix, tasteful trims can accentuate your home all the more with decorative details that give an added dimension to your walls, windows and woodwork. Take this quiz and find out how you can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary place.

What is trim in a home?

You can also add trim to windows and staircases to further enhance the look of a room.


What is generally used to trim a door or window?

Most often made of wood or vinyl, casings can run the gamut from ornate trimmings to simple rectangles.


What is a pilaster?

Pilasters are commonly used as a trimming on doors.


Where is an entablature found?

Used to adorn the top of a doorway, an entablature is an elaborate trimming that can measure more than a foot (30.5 cm) in height.


In trimming terms, where will you find a stool and an apron?

The trimming for the bottom of a window frame can be a stool, which is a shelf. To complete the look, an apron is added, which is a section of horizontal trim.


What is the difference between a pillar and a pilaster?

The two are placed in different positions. A pillar is mounted on a surface or stands on its own, while a pilaster is usually recessed into a wall.


What other material besides wood and plaster can be used for a pillar or a pilaster?

Wood and plaster are the most common materials used, but fiberglass is a popular option because it looks good and is less expensive.


What is a mantel?

An architectural element that often acts as a focal point in a room, a mantel can be used to surround a fireplace or stand on its own as a decorative piece, often with a display shelf placed on it.


What are two types of trim that can be added to staircases?

Stringers are large, flat panels that are installed in a closed staircase along the joint between the stairs and the wall, while brackets are placed in the triangular area on either side of an open staircase where the risers meet the treads.


What is the most common design of picture rail?

Picture rail has a relatively basic design, square and rounded being the most typical.


What kind of trim is often used in picture rail with a federal or classical design?

Dentil trim, which is made up of a sequence of squares or rectangles across the surface, gives a room a distinctive look.


What function does picture rail serve besides helping to frame artwork?

Picture rail can also be a decorative trim on its own, or it can break up large wall areas or set off different forms of wall finishes.


What is one of the most elaborate types of trim?

A large, elaborately decorated panel, a frieze would most commonly be found in a home with a classical or Victorian interior design.


Where is a frieze generally placed?

Measuring anywhere from several inches to more than a foot in height, a frieze is usually positioned between crown molding and picture rail.


What is the major function of chair rail?

Installed along a wall between two and four feet above the floor, chair rail protects walls from being scratched by chairs that are moved around too hastily.


Where in the home will you find baseboards?

A very conventional type of trim, baseboards extend along the bottom portion of a wall to help protect the base of the wall.


What kind of trim is used to create a visual shift between ceilings and walls?

Generally installed along the upper two to 12 inches of a wall, crown molding helps to set the style and tone of a room.


Which of the following is not a type of crown molding?

Many crown molding designs replicate the classical columns of yore. Ogee molding has a simple S-shape; rosevine has delicate flowers and vines; and egg-and-dart is a series of ovals and lines.


What is the name of the trim that uses large panels to cover the lower part of a wall?

The wainscoting panels may be used on their own, or they can be placed between baseboards and chair rails.


What is the major function of wainscoting?

To maximize the protective factor, modern wainscoting made from vinyl or plastic is used in bathrooms and kitchens to minimize water damage.


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