Quiz: The Ultimate Hot Trends for the Home Quiz
The Ultimate Hot Trends for the Home Quiz
By: Staff
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You're no pushover and it's important to you to be in on the latest home trends. Check out your status with this hot trends quiz and get it while it's hot.

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What sort of mood will be generated in your home using simple, quality lighting?

Lighting doesn't have to be over the top. Even simple yet quality lighting will generate a relaxed mood in your home.

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Waterfall and cascading lighting have a loose, organic quality. What does this do for their popularity?

Waterfall and cascading lighting are very popular because of this feature.

Actually, strand lighting is so versatile you could hang it almost anywhere. It is especially effective as a room divider.

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Chandeliers have what sort of look?

As popular as ever, chandeliers have a Victorian look to them.

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Why is pendant lighting an attractive addition to your home?

Pendant lighting adds visual interest. It is also arguably romantic, but this is secondary.

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What is meant by the term "faux bois"?

Faux bois refers to the fake wood look. It is a pleasing home décor option.

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There are numerous uses of the humble wood imitation. Some of these include lamps and wood grain print notepads.

Possibilities abound but you can certainly create personalized table settings, printed mugs and posters with vintage lettering.

Yellow reminds us of the glorious sun above. Just like the sun provides energy, so does yellow give us a shot of energy.

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To keep the flowers in a vase more vibrant for longer, what can you add to the water?

Instead of being harmful to the cut flowers (as you might expect), bleach is a wonderful vase additive, but only in moderation -- just a spoonful.

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