Quiz: Hoosiers: Basketball Movie Bliss
Hoosiers: Basketball Movie Bliss
By: Nathan Chandler
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"Hoosiers" takes the tale of one small-town team and transforms it into an unforgettable story of determination and teamwork. How much do you know about this famous basketball film?

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Say "Hoosiers" 10 times fast. What's a "hoosier," anyway?
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The movie "Hoosiers" first played in theaters decades ago. When was it released?
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Gene Hackman plays the lead character, a down-on-his-luck basketball coach. What's his name?
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Norman Dale was a successful college basketball coach. Then he wound up in tiny Hickory, Indiana. What caused his fall from grace?
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"Hoosiers" is based closely on a true story.
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When Dale begins coaching the small team, he infuriates the entire town by doing what?
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Who plays the character named Shooter Fletch?
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The first cut of the movie was how long?
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During the season, how does Dale manage to get himself ejected from numerous games?
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During one scene, Dennis Hopper staggers drunk onto the floor during a game. He was actually drunk at the time.
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"Hoosiers" is a finely-crafted tale. Who directed the movie?
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How did Anspaugh and Gene Hackman get along on set?
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Hackman was not the original choice for the part of Norman Dale. Which actor was first picked for the role?
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Why was Dennis Hopper very leery of playing the part of Shooter?
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The movie was a box office success. How much did it cost to create the film?
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All of the boys on the Hickory basketball team were really from Indiana in real life.
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During filming, Hackman famously said to Dennis Hopper that the movie would do what do his career?
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Norman changes the team's offense to emphasize what aspect of the game?
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Norman Dale's character was based on which real-life basketball coach?
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Barbara Hershey plays Myra Fleener. How does she respond to Norman's appearance in town?
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Myra makes it clear that she wants Norman to stay away from Jimmy, even though Jimmy is the team's best hope. How does Norman respond?
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"Hoosiers" was nominated for two Academy Awards. Which actor received a nomination?
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During one hotly contested game, Norman purposely gets himself ejected from the game. Why?
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The story takes place in Indiana. Where was the film actually made?
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"Hoosiers" did very well at the box office. It won a single Academy Award.
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When they were filming scenes for the games, the film's creators struggled to find what?
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Maris Valainis played the part of Jimmy, who hits a huge game-winning shot. In real life, Valainis was a poor basketball player.
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Several actors had to re-record their lines once shooting was completed. Hackman refused to do the work until which condition was met?
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The championship game was held in the same facility that hosted the real-life "Hoosiers" game.
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What was the real-life score of the final game that inspired the movie?
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