Quiz: We'll Give You the Home Stadium, You Give Us the NCAA Football Team
We'll Give You the Home Stadium, You Give Us the NCAA Football Team
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: Wiki Commons via Another Believer

About This Quiz

It's college football Saturday, and games from all over the country are on. You could gear up, grab a cold drink and some snacks and watch the games on your living room television. What's the fun in that, though, especially when thousands of other fans are loading up their cars and heading to some of the best football stadiums around the country? Maybe you'll think to grab a ticket next time. 

After all, there is just something about a college football stadium; the roaring fans, the atmosphere, the cool fall weather. It's why college football is one of the most popular sports in the country and why the stadiums are constantly packed with students, alumni and tons of other fans who root for the two teams playing. If you're a true college football fan, being on-site for a game is worth both the time and the money. 

How well do you know college football stadiums all around the United States? If we give you the name of a home stadium, do you think you can tell us which football team plays there? Here's your chance to find out. 

If you think you're a college football expert or even if you're just a casual fan looking for a challenge, get started with this quiz and see if you can match the college football team to the stadium! 

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