Quiz: Storms Are Brewing! Is your home prepared?
Storms Are Brewing! Is your home prepared?
By: Staff
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Although some storms pop up without warning, others -- like hurricanes -- can be tracked for days so there are steps you can take to minimize the damage to your home and property. Take our quiz and see if you know what they are.

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When a hurricane is approaching, you should head to the local hardware store to buy plywood to protect your windows.
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Taping windows is a good idea.
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When a storm strikes, you should NOT be in a room with windows.
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Remove dead or weak trees before a storm.
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Building a "safe room" is useless.
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It’s important to anchor your major appliances.
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Furnaces and water heaters don’t need to be secured.
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Before a storm, you don't need to pick up tools, toys or other debris near your home.
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Trees can mitigate storm damage.
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Impact-resistant glass is not worth the expense.
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Bring your grill's propane tank inside the house.
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Get your tools in order before the storm.
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You don't have to know how to shut off your home's gas.
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Hurricane straps are useless.
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Make sure the plywood you buy is securely attached to your home.
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Make sure your neighbors secure their lawn furniture.
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Practice putting your storm shutters up before a storm.
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Doors should have at least three hinges.
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Install temporary center garage door supports.
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Don’t worry about the gravel in your driveway, or any other rocky landscaping material.
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