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Flowers give us something pretty to look at in our homes and in nature. They can be a way to say "I love you," or a way to say "I'm sorry" if you messed up! We often take these flowers for granted, but true gardeners know flowers are much more than decoration and sentiment. Many of these plants can be eaten or used for perfumes and dyes. Beware, some of them are poisonous to animals and humans.  

We'll test your ability to name each of these flowering plants. These questions include classics like roses and daisies to not as well known anthurium and hollyhock. Can you name all of these types of flowers based off a picture?

During the quiz, you might get distracted by the beauty of these flowers. You may want to take some of these flowers home to place in a vase or press in a book. Perhaps this quiz will inspire you to create another garden full of diverse blooms. Upon finishing, we won't blame you if you grab your gardening gloves and head outside to dig up space for your favorites.

Frolic through the world with us and guess the names of all of these flowers.

Can you name this flower?

These flowers range from blue purple, and white colors, and grow in summer and fall months. Asters also come from the Greek word, "star," as noted by their blooming star-shaped heads.

What is the name of this flower, containing 300 species?

The bellflower contains 300 species, including the tussock bellflower, clustered bellflower, and the harebell. Bellflowers also blossom into beautiful blue and purple hues.

This flower, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, is called what?

The oil from chamomile is often used for anti-inflammatory medicine, as well as for disinfecting. Chamomile is also used to lighten hair and for making fragrant perfumes.

Which of these flowers can survive well during dry weather?

Maiden Pink is a perennial herb that grows in loosely tufted soil. This allows the plant to thrive during dry months of little to no rain.

Which of these flowers is native to Finland?

Zigzag clovers are known for their curved shape and zigzag-like characteristics. This plant is also a Finland-native, and thrives best in forests and storm-damaged environments.

Hummingbirds flock to this flower named what?

Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds all love Columbine for its sweet nectar. These plants are also perennials that can thrive through months of no rain.

This flower is known for its 6 sword-shaped petals, which is it?

The Crocus plant is known for its 6 petals that are shaped like swords. These flowers also grow up to 12 inches in height, and can grow in lilac, muave, and yellow colors.

Which of these flowers is the official flower of Seattle?

Dahlias are the official flower of Seattle. These flowers are also native to Mexico, and are known for their bright hues.

What's the name of the flower that contains two flowers in one?

Daisies contain two types of flowers: the surrounding white petals and the inner yellow petals on its center. These flowers are also known for their healing properties, and may become immune to pesticides if they're not properly cared for.

Can you identify this flower?

Daffodils are known for their leafless steams and varying hues, which includes yellow, orange and white. These flowers also contains lycorine, which is toxic to predators and nearby plants.

The roots, leaves and flowers of this plant can all be used. Which plant is this?

Believe it or not, every part of the dandelion plant can be used. Dandelions are also known for their long blossoming seasons, and is also French for "lion's tooth."

Scorpion Grasses are also known as ...?

Also known as "Forget-Me-Nots," scorpion grasses are very easy to grow, and are also Alaska's state flower. Forget-Me-Nots can either grow as annuals or perennials, depending on which type of species it is. Its scientific name, Myosotis means "mouse's ear" in Greek.

Which of these flowers has no fragrance?

Transvaal daisies have no flower fragrance at all. These also grow year-round, and come in orange, pink, yellow and white hues.

This flower is native to China, and includes annual, perennial and biennial forms. What's it called?

Known for its white, pink and yellow hues, hollyhocks are found throughout many regions of China. These plants also contain annual, biennial and perennial varieties, and contain between 5-7 lobes per leaf. They can grow up to 9 feet in height.

Which of these plants is known for its starfish-shaped flowers?

Hyacinths are known for blossoming into starfish-like flowers. These plants are also very fragrant, and come in the following hues: red, blue, purple and white. They flowers blossom best between March and April.

Can you name this flower that should be kept away from cats?

Although they're safe around humans, lilies are toxic to cats. Be sure to keep lilies in a separate room, or plant them outside if your cat is indoors.

Can you name this aquatic perennial plant?

Lotus flowers grow from the mud underwater, and blossom above the water. These plants also open during the mornings, and are traditionally used in Asian medicines.

What's the name of this flower?

Lupines can grow up to 5 feet in height, and are best known for their curled pods and blue hues. This plant also helps to enrich its surrounding soil, as it provides additional nitrogen properties. These flowers are grown in clusters.

Can you name this poisonous flower?

While Lily of the Valley looks beautiful, these are actually quite poisonous. Even a small amount of contact with this plant can cause vomiting, cramps and even death. This plant is also part of the asparagus family.

Can you name this flower that is used for vanilla extraction?

The Vanilla Planifolia is a species of the orchid plant that is used for vanilla extraction. These plants are also used for medicine and perfume. Some orchids can also live up to 100 years, while others are parasitic in nature.

This edible flower is named what?

Pansies have edible leaves, and are also highly fragrant. These also grow in all 4 seasons, and are used in many types of perfume. This plant is known for its face-like characteristics.

What's the name of this flower, which has many different scents?

The Geranium flower has different scents depending on the species. Some smell like roses, while others have citronella scents. The leaves of this plant are also used to make tea.

This plant can live up to 100 years. Can you name it?

Peonies can live up to 100 years old with proper care. They are also known to relieve asthma-like symptoms and may help with headaches. This flower is also known to attract ants.

A Crayola color was named after which of these flowers?

Next time you see a Crayola crayon that says "Periwinkle," you'll know that it comes from the periwinkle flower! These flowers are also known to be invasive weed plants.

What's the name of this flower?

Known for their sweet and spicy flavor, Petunias are completely edible. These plants also grow up to 4 feet in height.

Can you name this "lobster flower"?

Poinsettias have nicknamed as the "lobster flower," and as the "flame-leaf flower" because of its bright red color. It even has a holiday named after it: Poinsettia Day on December 12th.

The seeds of this plant can be used in muffins and breads. Can you name it?

Ever heard of poppy seed bread or poppy seed muffins? Those delicious baked goods actually contain dried poppy seeds from the poppy plant, which are also on the back of $20 bills in Canada. This plant may also contain up to 60,000 seeds at a time.

Can you name this edible flower?

The flowers and leaves of the primrose plant are completely edible. In its young state, these flowers are also used to make wine. Dried leaves of this plant may also be used to make tea.

These flowers are a popular gift for Valentine's Day. Can you name it?

Popular on Valentine's Day, roses also bloom into the rose hip fruit. Some roses can even grow up to 23 feet tall! This flower can also blossom into a fruit.

Can you name this national flower of Scotland?

The national flower of Scotland is the thistle. Known for being prickly to the touch, these flowers protect themselves against wildlife with their sharp leaves. Some species of this plant are also edible.

See if you can name this flower.

Known for blossoming into single flowers, snowdrops are a perennial plant that means "snow" in Latin. These flowers can also grow through snow, and can reach up to 1 foot in height. It can survive for a few years in the wild.

What is the state flower of Kansas?

Sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas, and the national flower of Ukraine as well. One sunflower may also contain up to 2,000 seeds. This flower is considered to be a symbol of loyalty.

What's the name of this flower?

This flower is also a member of the lily family. There are over 3,000 varieties of tulips throughout the world. Native to the regions of Central Asia, the petals of the tulip flower are also edible!

This plant needs high humidity to grow. Can you name it?

Found in Africa, Australia, and Oceanic parts of the world, the Gardenia flower requires high humidity to grow. This plants may also be utilized as borders and hedges for backyards. These flowers are very fragrant.

Can you name this fragrant flower?

Violets are fragrant flowers that also contains a number of antioxidants. The petals of this flower are rich in Vitamin C. Violets are also the state flower of Illinois, and can adapt to its surrounding environments.

Can you name this flower, which is native to Europe and Asia?

Irises are native to Europe and Asia, and can be extracted into essential oil. This flower is also February's birth flower, as well as the state flower of Tennessee. The stems of these flowers can produce up to 12 buds.

Which of these flowers is the birth flower of April?

Flies hate the scent of this flower. Sweet peas are not only the birth flower for the month of April, but they are also the symbol for bliss. Many types of essential oils are also extracted from the sweet pea plant.

Which of these plants is easy to grow?

Known for being a low maintenance type of plant, pincushions are easy to grow for beginner gardeners. Plenty of sunlight and drained soil is all that is needed to keep pincushions happy.

Which of these flowers is known as a Tail Flower?

These tropical flowers, called Anthurium, are known as painted tongues or tail flower. This plant is poisonous to eat and will cause skin irritation if the sap is touched.

Can you name this flower?

Known for their stunning purple hue, lavenders actually belong to the mint family. These are also used for essential oil extraction, and may be used for cooking and baking.

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