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Planning for the construction of a new home can be a fun opportunity. Your imagination can have almost no limits! But when it comes to the point where the plans must become more practical, a floor plan can be a great starting point. Find out what you've learned about various types of floor plans by taking this quiz.

What is the difference between a floor plan and a blueprint?

A blue print is more of a construction document, and will include such elements as the foundation, roof and electrical plan.


What should be a major contributing factor to your thought process when planning your home's floor plan?

Different lifestyles require different types of rooms in a house. Figure out what your needs are before beginning to plan your new home construction.


In addition to the placement of its windows, what else can affect your house's privacy?

A house's shape, especially in relation to the placement of neighboring property, can affect how much privacy your family will enjoy inside your new home.


How will interior design affect your floor plan decisions?

If you want to use certain larger pieces of furniture, you must design larger rooms to accommodate them.


What is not included when the square footage of your house is calculated?

In order to be included in the calculation of square footage, a room must be furnished. Unfinished basements and attics would also not be included.


What special needs are required of design for a mobile home?

Mobile homes need strong foundations to support the special plumbing system, in addition to the regular needs of a vehicle: wheels and gas tank.


How must a designer plan for waste water in a mobile home?

Mobile homes need to be able to store waste water until its disposal becomes convenient.


What is the central draw of building a modular home?

Enduring the building of a home from scratch can be a long and arduous process. Prefabricated modular homes can shorten this process dramatically.


What specific need does a designer of a modular home need to consider when creating the floor plan?

Modular homes are built off site in sections, brought to the construction site, and joined together. Thus, the design needs to take this process into account.


Due to the specific constraints of modular construction, what is a common feature of most modular homes?

Due to the need to be able to transport pieces from factory to job site, rooms are often narrow. Modular homes also often have many internal supports.


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