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Did you know that there are many inexpensive options for adding decorative touches to your home? If you already have a flare for home decorating, you'll want to take this quiz to test your knowledge. Perhaps you'll learn a new decorating secret in the process.

What is one inexpensive option for giving your floor a new look?

You can redeem almost any floor with a little preparation before painting it with a nice pattern. There are many patterns to choose from and it is relatively easy to achieve great results.


What is the average time it takes to complete a floor pattern project?

A simple pattern will take about one week to finish if you include drying times. You will need to allow more time for complex patterns employing multiple colors.


What is the first step in the process of painting a floor pattern?

The first step you will need to take is to accurately measure the room and draw it to scale on a piece of graph paper. Make sure you indicate doors, windows and any obstructions, including floor registers.


What kind of pattern should you avoid when you decide to paint a floor?

The sky's the limit when it comes to choosing a pattern. You can even paint simulated Persian rugs and other complex designs.


What is an important last step before you start to paint your design?

Close the windows and doors before you vacuum the floor thoroughly and then wipe it down with a tack cloth. The goal is to clean up all the dust in order to insure a smooth glossy finish for your work of art.


What is considered the easiest way to lay out a repeating pattern design on a floor?

According to the pros, the easiest way to lay out a repeating pattern on your floor is to create a stencil with cardboard first. You can use your stencil and lightly trace your pattern on the floor using a pencil.


What is the best way to transfer a complex pattern design on to a floor before you start to paint?

The fastest and simplest way to transfer your design is to use the grid method. Once you duplicate a grid to scale on the floor draw a larger version of each block from the design on your graph paper.


How many coats of polyurethane varnish do you require to complete your floor masterpiece?

To give your new floor design proper protection and a rich shiny finish you will need to apply three coats of polyurethane varnish. Remember to paint slowly with the grain and to allow at least twelve hours between each coat.


What is an inexpensive way to bring an otherwise plain wall to life?

You can show off your artistic flair and paint a mural on your walls. A mural can give a dramatic effect to a wall and is much easier to paint than you may think.


How many squares per inch should you use on a photograph or drawing in order to ease design transfer to a wall?

It is easiest to use a ratio of four blocks per inch when you draw a design on graph paper. You can apply the same formula to a photograph or a picture that you want to duplicate.


Before you transfer your grid and a design on to the wall, you should:

For the best results, you will need to prepare the surface and paint it if necessary. If the surface is in good condition and already the desired background color, you can simply wash it with household detergent to remove any film of dirt or grease.


What is the first step to placing your grid on the wall before drawing the design?

It is extremely important to determine a vertical plumb line beginning at the upper left hand corner of the start point for your mural. A weighted string will always hang straight down from the point of attachment at the top of your wall.


When you place the grid lines on the wall with string, you should start by:

After you have found the vertical plumb at the top left border of the mural, you should then place the each vertical line by measuring from the plumb line at the top and bottom of the wall.


How long should you let the paint on your completed mural dry before returning furniture and curtains?

You will need to allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours before placing your furniture and any curtains or drapes that will touch the wall.


What are the two main categories that pillow types generally fit?

Generally, pillows are tailored to have square corners and boxy shapes or with a casual softer look. It is much easier to make pillow covers for the casual types of pillows.


What is a relatively simple way to add a custom tailored look to pillow cover?

You can sew ready-made cording or piping around the edge of your pillows to give them a custom tailored look. You can choose to match the pillow material or go for a contrasting color to add highlight.


If you plan to use muslin material for backing on a bedspread, what should you do?

Muslin will shrink during the first wash, so you need to purchase prewashed muslin or wash it first yourself.


What is a great trick to use in order to square an edge of your bedspread fabric before measuring and cutting?

The easiest way to obtain a straight corner on your material every time is to make a small cut into the selvage near one end and then pull out one crosswise thread. You can then cut along the line left by the thread that you pulled.


What is the best fabric choice for sewing your own tablecloth and matching napkins?

For ease of care, your best fabric choice for homemade tablecloths and matching napkins is a polyester/cotton blend. Prints are also great, because they hide stains better than plain fabric.


What is a simple way to create a fringe on your homemade tablecloths and napkins?

The simplest way to add a fringe is to measure in one inch and then sew a straight or fancy stitch. Once you finish your stitch, carefully pull out the long threads from the outer edges one at a time until you reach the stitch.


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