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You can add light to the color in your home in the most illuminating of ways. Lighten up and take this quiz on illuminating the color in your home.

You want to change the color tones in your home, but you don't have a can of paint or a paint brush. Can you do it?

Yes, certainly. Paint is only one of many ways to introduce fresh color into your home.


How can you use pillows to change the color effect in a room?

This is a really easy tactic. Simply use colorful throw pillows to brighten even the darkest of rooms.


If you are a little craft-minded, you can add color to your drab windows. Which of these ideas would work?

Actually, there are tons of great ideas but of these options, go for the foam shape idea.


Supposing you had a lovely fabric that would go well as drapes, but you can't sew. How can you use it?

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. Drape the fabric over a decorative curtain rod; there's no need to worry that they aren't actual sewn drapes.


Flowers are a natural way of adding color to a room. Is there a downside?

Assuming you go for strong color and not the dark, dried-flower look, the downside is that the color fades, so you have to keep replenishing the flowers.


Your children's arty masterpieces hold sentimental value. Are they of objective value as an addition to your walls?

Happily yes. Be as daring as you wish by hanging them on your walls, the brighter the better.


What else can you put on bookshelves aside from books to add spice to your decor?

The sky's the limit on this one, but if you really want to add spice and color, put figurines and ornaments on your bookshelves.


How can you regularly apply fresh color to your sofa?

Colorful slipcovers are the easiest solution. You can change them whenever you fancy, according to the season or your mood de jour.


During the spring and summer months, green, yellow, white and light blue are appropriate couch colors. Which colors are suitable for the fall and winter?

For the fall and winter, you need to choose rich yet royal color tones. Gold, red, navy or purple are perfectly suitable.


You have an old rug and some carpet remnants at your disposal. What can you do to give them life?

Sketch yourself a new carpet design, cut up carpet pieces accordingly, bind them together with carpet tape and voila! A new carpet!


If you are unsure whether a carpet will match your décor, what can you ask the carpet salesman?

Carpet salesmen have your interest at heart and want to sell you only what you'll be happy with. Ask them for carpet off cuts -- mostly, they'll happily oblige.


How can you add color to your headboard and revamp it?

Make a headboard template out of wood, cover it with foam, padding and pretty fabric and fasten it to the wall.


What use can you make out of a humble headboard aside from as the head of your bed?

Your headboard could be one of the most unique features of your home. You can use it to hang souvenirs, mementos, photographs, almost anything, as long as you allow room to nestle your head next to it.


How can you use lighting as a means to adding color?

Use colored bulbs instead of boring, old, plain stuff.


What is the advantage of incandescent lighting?

Incandescent lighting is known for adding warmth to a room.


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