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It's well known that walking is a great form of exercise, but the same route can become more than a little boring, not to mention pounding a tread mill for 30 minutes a day. Rather than a boring walk, why not take a refreshing hike? The crisp, clean air and beautiful vistas make hiking a lot more than just a walk. Take our quiz to learn more about hiking and its health benefits.

How many people per year engage in hiking activities?

More than 20 million people visit our national parks each year to enjoy a hike.


Before taking on your first hike, you should make sure you can walk how far?

Hiking is not really for beginners; make sure you can handle a four to five mile walk before taking on a hike.


Once you can handle a five-mile walk, what's the next step?

Once you've trained yourself to handle five-mile walks, train yourself to handle hilly terrain, because hiking involves tackling a lot of hills.


What's the best way to dress for hiking?

As you hike your body temperature will rise and fall. Having several layers allows you to adjust without too much difficulty.


How many calories do you burn, on average, when hiking?

Hiking at a normal pace burns approximately 300 calories an hour. It's a great form of exercise!


Which of these is essential when hiking?

Never go on a serious hike without a first aid kit. Accidents happen, and on a hike you can easily end up miles from the nearest town.


What is the maximum amount of weight you should carry while hiking?

You may be tempted to bring everything but the kitchen sink with you on a hike, but research has shown that carrying more than 25 pounds is bad for your shoulders, back, and knees.


Why should you avoid drinking water directly from streams?

Just because water is clear doesn't mean it's clean; it could be full of bacteria, or even parasites too small to see with the naked eye.


What should you do to treat water for bacteria and parasites?

At the very least, boil any water you intend to drink; this should kill off the bacteria. You're much better off, however, bringing bottled water.


For how long should you boil water to kill off any organisms?

You don't have to boil the water for too long -- one minute or so will do the trick.


Why is it important to cover as much of your body as possible when hiking?

The outdoors are full of poisonous plants, and too avoid contracting something like poison oak you should keep your body well protected.


Where are the oils from plants such as poison ivy likely to collect?

Covering you body and wearing boots will prevent you from getting poison ivy while you're hiking, but if you're not careful when you take off your boots you might get it anyway.


Which of these diseases can one contract from a tick bite?

Ticks often carry Lyme disease, which is why you should do everything in your power to avoid getting a tick bite.


How long does it take for a tick to transmit Lyme disease?

Ticks will hang on to their host for as long as they can. If the tick remains for over 24 hours, there is a serious risk of Lyme disease.


Which of these is an indicator of a serious tick bite?

Tick bites usually swell, but if they also develop a bull's-eye shaped rash then you should see a doctor right away.


What should you do with a tick once you've removed it?

It is important that you save a tick that has bitten you, so that you can have it analyzed by a doctor if need be.


What should you use to save a tick?

Place the tick in alcohol to preserve it. If signs of an infection develop, you should take it to a doctor or lab right away.


How should you protect your food during overnight camping trips?

The smell of food often attracts animals. To keep your food safe, string it up high between to trees.


When hiking through hunting areas you should make sure to wear which of these?

Many hiking trails cross hunting grounds, and the risks are obvious, so wear something bright that contrasts with the colors of the hunting grounds.


When hiking through hunting areas, which color should you wear to distinguish yourself from game?

The must common color people wear for safety in hunting areas is orange. Even most hunters wear bright orange vests.


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