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The home of the future can be yours today. But what do you really know about high-tech home innovations? Let's find out. Test your knowledge to discern fact from fiction when it comes to outfitting your house for the 21st century.

Some cooktops automatically turn the heating element off when you remove a pan from the burner.

Induction cooktops turn off and on automatically only when the pan makes contact with the heating element.


Programming your microwave oven is a thing of the past now that there's a microwave that can read the cooking directions on microwave meal containers.

The microwaves don't actually read the directions; they "read" the bar code on a package and then set the program accordingly.


Some refrigerators can chill a bottle of wine in minutes.

GE makes a fridge that can chill wine in minutes and thaw meat in hours rather than days.


The French invented a toilet that not only analyzes urine to help keep body's sugar level in check, but also helps women keep track of their menstruation cycles.

Actually, it was the Japanese who invented this brainy commode. The toilet feeds the info into an easily accessible computer.


Someone actually invented a garbage can that freezes trash so waste doesn't decay or smell.

A Turkish company sells a trash can that freezes trash. We don't suggest you make ice in it, however.


Homeowners have equipped some showers with disco lights.

It's not Saturday Night Fever, but some shower stalls are equipped with disco lights so you can boogey while you wash up.


One of the newest faucets on the market mixes soap and water at just the right temperature for the appropriate amount of suds.

While they don't dispense soap, you can program some high-tech faucets to spew out water at the temperature you want.


Trimming a baby's fingernails can be a painful experience, but a computer chip guides one nail trimmer as it cuts.

A company called Baby Bjorn markets a baby nail trimmer with an LED light, not computer chip, so you can see the little one's tiny fingernails as you cut.


You can use your Smartphone or any Internet connection to turn your oven from refrigeration mode to cooking mode and have a hot meal waiting when you get home.

The Connect IO oven has a refrigeration mode that allows you to store an uncooked meal in it until you alert it via phone or Internet to begin cooking.


Several new 3-D TVs are now available without the cumbersome glasses required.

While all of the major TV manufacturers are vying to be the first to offer 3-D TV without glasses, it appears right now the technology is much too expensive for the mass market.


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