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When the time comes to buy a new washer, you may want to consider a new high-efficiency model. Although they are more expensive than standard models, they have the advantage of saving you money on both your electricity and water bills. Take this quiz and learn how.

Is there an environmental advantage to using a high-efficiency washer?

These washers use less energy and less water than traditional washers.


If they use less water and electricity, do they really clean as well as traditional washers?

Apparently they are wisely considered to get laundry cleaner than the traditional washers.


From the inception of the Energy Star program in 1992 until 2005, what percentage of American households had switched to energy-efficient washers?

About 15 percent had switched, according to the Soap and Detergent Association.


What is most of the energy in a washer devoted to?

About 80 percent of the energy is used to heat the water.


How does a washer contribute toward efficiency in a dryer?

The dryer the clothes are after the spin cycle, the quicker they will dry in the dryer.


Can you use regular detergents in your new high-efficiency washer?

Not a good idea. High-efficiency washers use less water and so normal detergents could produce too much suds, which could lead to flooding the machine.


Why does using a high-efficiency washer tend to make the wash less agitated?

Traditional top-loading machines have an agitator, a post-shaped protrusion that turns in the middle of the drum, creating suds and moving clothes against each other. This lacking in high-efficiency, front-loading washers.


What is the washing action of a high-efficiency washer?

High-efficiency machines spin and rotate the laundry vertically in clockwise and counterclockwise directions, at differing speeds, causing clothes to rub against each other.


How do most high-efficiency washers save water?

Instead of filling up with water during the rinse cycle, they use high-pressure sprays.


What is the futuristic diagnostic technology being developed by Kenmore?

It will enable a cell phone placed near the washer to transmit data to a technician's phone for a long-distance diagnosis.


When it comes to handling the clothes, which type of machine is gentler?

The gentler spin cycles of the high-efficiency machines cause less wear and tear on the clothes.


In terms of space, which is preferable, a front- or a top-loading washer?

Front loaders save space inside the machine and you can stack a dryer on top.


Which washer has the longer wash cycle and is this relevant?

The high-efficiency washer takes longer, but uses less energy, and the spin cycle removes more water, thereby shortening drying times.


How much water does the high-efficiency washer save?

30 percent


Other than price and a longer wash cycle, are there any drawbacks to high-efficiency washers?

Owners have complained about noise, smells, mold and mildew.


How can you prevent mold from developing in your machine?

Keep the door of the machine open to allow excess water to evaporate.


How do you prevent mildew?

Run the machine occasionally with no clothes and a cup of bleach.


Is noise liable to be a problem?

The spin cycles are longer and faster than traditional machines, resulting in increased noise.


The new high-efficiency washers have all kinds of fancy hi-tech features. Can this be a problem?

The more electrical components there are, the more parts there are that can go wrong.


Since a high-efficiency washer costs so much more, can you really recoup that extra cost in what you save on utility bills?

High-efficiency washers cost from $700 to $2,500, while ordinary machines cost from $600 to $1,500. You could find a relatively inexpensive high-end for less than an ordinary washer, but apart from the price, the new machines save up to $135 per year and the average lifespan of a washer is about 12 years. Do the math.


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