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If you're in the market for a clothes dryer, you have probably encountered ads for high-efficiency washers and dryers. If you're wondering just what a "high-efficiency" dryer is, take this high efficiency quiz and find out.

How is the efficiency of a clothes dryer measured?

One way is to measure how many pounds of clothes can be dried per kilowatt-hour.


What can affect the efficiency of your dryer?

The efficiency of the spin cycle of your washing machine affects the amount of water left in the clothes and this water will affect the efficiency of the drying process.


Why is it so important to get an energy-efficient dryer? It's not something the average family uses every day?

The dryer is the home's second largest consumer of energy and an Energy Star dryer can save you $40 or more per year.


Are high-efficiency dryers actually available on the American market?

The high-efficiency washer and dryer combinations offered are actually part of a marketing tactic. The washer is really the high-efficiency appliance, while the dryer is just along for the ride.


What is the major issue regarding heat pump dryers available in Europe versus the American market?

They are significantly more expensive -- about $300 -- than ordinary dryers.


To what extent are these dryers more efficient?

The heat pump dryers are 50 percent more energy-efficient.


Are there any other reasons for not buying a heat pump dryer apart from the price?

Although they are energy efficient, they take twice as long to dry a load of wash.


Since the heat pump dryer is more expensive and takes longer than a normal dryer, what is the reason for its popularity in Europe?

Energy is more expensive in Europe and so the consumer will recoup his initially higher cost faster than an American consumer.


What did a U.S. market survey find regarding high-efficiency dryers?

U.S. consumers would not consider buying these dryers, since they were skeptical of spending a lot more money just to save on energy costs.


What is the estimated annual energy consumption of clothes dryers in the U.S.?

The estimated annual energy consumption of clothes dryers in the U.S. is 66 billion kilowatt-hours, which is about 6 percent of total energy consumption.


Which costs less per load to dry, gas dryers or electric dryers?

Gas drying costs 15 to 33 cents while electric drying costs 32 to 41 cents.


Is there a currently available technology that is extremely energy-efficient?

Hang your washing on a clothesline and utilize free solar energy. It takes longer, but costs nothing.


Can you think of a drawback to a timer setting to dry a load of laundry?

If the clothes dry before the time is up, you will waste energy and over-dry your clothes.


What is a more efficient way to solve the problem of over-drying?

A moisture sensor shuts off the dryer when the exhaust air humidity indicates that the clothes are dry.


If it costs less to dry laundry in a gas dryer, why not just buy a gas dryer?

Gas dryers cost more than electric dryers and not all laundry rooms have the infrastructure for a gas dryer.


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