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Eccentric wealthy people have the means to pay for whatever they want, including the building of secret passageways in their homes. If you want to be shocked, learn about these hidden passageways and the legends that go with them. Take this quiz to see how much you know about hidden passageways.

The Penthouse Suite at the Fairmont Hotel has a dining table with seating for:

While staying in the Penthouse Suite, feel free to have a sit-down dinner party for 50 guests.


Commodore Frederick G. Bourne used his secret passageway to:

The Commodore liked to use the passageway to spy on his house guests.


Commodore Frederick G. Bourne made enough money to build a five-story castle by being:

The commodore was the president of the Singer Sewing Machine Company.


Now known as Singer Castle, where is Commodore Frederick G. Bourne's castle located?

Singer Castle is located on Dark Island in New York's St. Lawrence River.


What self-made millionaire might have been present as a party guest at the castle that Singer Sewing Machines built?

Cornelius Vanderbilt and Vincent Astor may have been party guests of Commodore Frederick G. Bourne.


The turret in Wolf's Lair Castle was especially designed for what "family" member?

The turret was especially designed for L. Milton Wolf's pet gibbon ape.


At Wolf's Lair Castle, how was the pool shaped?

The pool was built in the shape of a heart.


What did L. Milton Wolf allegedly use his secret passageway for?

Wolf reputedly would take the secret passageway to meet young women for dates in a secret apartment.


According to local gossip, where was Wolf's wife while he was rendezvousing with young women in the secret apartment?

If you believe the local gossip, she was sleeping only a few hundred feet away from the rendezvous spot.


When it went on the market in 2008 , what was the asking price for Wolf's Lair Castle?

The property was listed for $7.5 million.


What is the rumor about Cleveland Ohio's Franklin Castle?

According to rumor, it may be haunted.


According to legend, why did Tiedemann hang his niece from the rafters of Franklin Castle?

Legend claims the niece was either insane or promiscuous.


How did Tiedemann build his fortune?

Tiedemann was quite successful in the fields of barrel-making, banking and grocery stores.


What was the reason that Tiedemann may have murdered a servant?

Legend claims that the servant resisted Tiedemann's amorous advances, so he murdered her.


In the dungeon of Britannia Manor, what might you find?

If you visit the dungeon, you might find a human skeleton or other creepy collectibles.


How often does Britannia Manor host a four-night haunted house event?

Every two years, and hopeful guests eagerly camp out overnight for a chance at free tickets.


Who may still haunt the hidden passageways of Smith College's Sessions House?

Two lovelorn ghosts are claimed to haunt the hallways.


According to legend, why did a mother commit suicide in the Sessions House?

The story claims that the mother mistook her children for intruders and murdered them, and when she discovered her mistake, she killed herself.


How was the Sessions House passageway possibly used to help slaves?

The passage way may have been used to transport slaves as part of the Underground Railroad.


When was the Sessions House constructed?

Captain Jonathan Hunt constructed the home in 1710, and the hidden passageway was built to protect his family from American Indian attacks.


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