Quiz: Hey men, how well do you know these women's health topics?
Hey men, how well do you know these women's health topics?
By: Isadora Teich
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There's a lot that goes into keeping a body healthy, and while a lot of it is the same for either sex, some is very different. Check your women's health knowledge with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

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If a woman cannot have a natural birth she will have to have which procedure?
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Women who have gone through menopause can no longer experience:
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Pregnant women commonly experience swollen:
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What do women experience naturally on a monthly cycle?
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Uterine fibroids are tumors that grow in the:
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What kind of cancer only affects women?
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A small T-shaped device inserted into a woman's uterus for birth control and health purposes is a/an_________.
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Is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) more common in men or women?
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Women on birth control pills can experience symptoms including:
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Women are more likely to suffer from __________, a disorder characterized by fatigue, memory loss, muscle pain and insomnia.
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Symptoms of menopause include:
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About 20 percent of women develop what during their lifetime?
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Some pregnant women develop the pregnancy complication _________.
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What do many women experience during menstruation?
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Is there any way for a woman to know when she will experience menopause?
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It is abnormal for young women to skip menstruation unless they are:
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Aside from preventing pregnancy, birth control can also help women with:
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Who attempts suicide more often?
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A woman who gives birth before 37 weeks is experiencing:
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Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) often have what on their ovaries?
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Do men or women have more strokes?
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Which medical problem amongst women is common and not usually serious?
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Which developed country has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world?
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Which common female health issue runs in families?
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Which of these benefits of taking birth control pills do some women experience, aside from a reduced chance of pregnancy?
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Women of which group are at the highest risk for diabetes?
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Which group of people are most likely to develop endometriosis?
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Do more women or men die of Alzheimer's?
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10 percent to 20 percent of all births end in:
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More than 90 percent of people with which condition are women?
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What is the No. 1 health risk that women face?
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Up to 65 percent of people living with ________ are women.
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What type of cancer kills the most American women every year?
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