Quiz: Hey ladies, how well do you know these men's health topics?
Hey ladies, how well do you know these men's health topics?
By: Isadora Teich
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A lot goes into staying healthy and some of these things are different for women and men. Ladies, test your men's health knowledge with this HowStuffworks quiz!

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Is male pattern baldness common?
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Often male pattern baldness is due to:
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Can men suffer from depression?
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Many men over 70 suffer from what non-life-threatening condition?
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Is heart disease common in men?
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Red-green color blindness affects more men than women: True or False?
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Which of these are risk factors for heart disease?
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Are male teens more or less likely to die in car accidents than female teens?
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Men develop cardiovascular disease ________ than women.
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Men are more likely to binge drink than women. True or false?
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What kind of cancer affects a gland that only men have?
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Can prostate cancer be genetic?
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Which incurable condition makes men's muscles deteriorate?
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Why do women generally live longer than men in America?
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Who is more likely to have a serious condition when they go to the doctor?
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On average, are men healthier than women?
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Most workplace deaths occur to:
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Men are affected by liver diseases, which include:
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Men are more likely to commit suicide than women: True or false?
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Men with untreated diabetes can suffer from what problem?
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Who is more likely to die of skin cancer?
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Which blood clotting disorder can be carried by women, but only presents in men?
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Which demographic has the highest rate of new HIV infection?
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Lung cancer is often ________ to cure.
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The condition Fragile X happens because of:
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Which of these is a leading cause of death for men?
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Every year more and more men develop which illness?
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Which cancer causes the most deaths in men?
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Is prostate cancer often fatal?
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Which rare disease affects both men and women, but only kills men?
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Men are more likely to die from pneumonia and ________ than women.
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Who suffers from depression most?
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Amongst which demographic of men is the suicide rate the highest?
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Do most men get an annual physical?
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What is the most common cancer amongst men?
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