Hey Baby Boomers: Can You Name All of These Cars from Your Youth?

Olivia Cantor

Image: Wiki Commons via Greg Gjerdingen

About This Quiz

This one's for the Baby Boomers out there! Take a ride down memory lane with us by pointing out the cool and classic cars of your youth!

Those who were born during the 1940s up to the 1960s make up the Baby Boomer generation. So generally, these are the children who played on the sidewalks of the 1950s as huge vehicles passed by. They were colorful and catchy to the eye, and we're very sure that you kids out there who grew up during these times could still pinpoint your favorite make and models!

Of course, Baby Boomers would also be the teenagers coming of age during the wild and sometimes wacky times of the 1960s. Can you remember the vehicle types that came out of during this particularly controversial era? Whether they came out in the USA or in another country, some of these vehicles are as memorable as the decade in which they appeared. So let's try to play around with those, too!

Of course, the groovy '70s won't be left behind here. Many Baby Boomers were starting careers by this time, being the "new adults" that have come of age and are now becoming responsible citizens of the planet. What car did you go with at that time? Let's see!

So, we'll cover a vast area with this quiz. Let's take a ride!

This is known as…

This is the Ford Thunderbird. Of course, who won’t recognize a T-Bird, right?

What’s the name of this brand and make?

This is the Chevy Bel Air. It’s a luxury car of the ‘50s.

Don’t tell us you forgot this one! What is it?

This is the Chevy Corvair. Many boomers like their Chevy models.

What is this model?

This is the Ferrari 250 GTO. Boomer racers might like this one.

And this make?

This is the Plymouth Fury. Many boomers like Plymouth cars.

What do you call this vehicle?

This is the Chevy Impala. It was a reliable model for Baby Boomers back in the day.

How about this model?

This is the classic Lincoln Continental. It’s still visible on the road today.

How about this one?

This is the AMC Gremlin. The name might have come before the movie title, for sure…

And this model?

This is the Plymouth Barracuda. It’s another classic ‘60s model.

What do you call this model?

You might have seen a lot of hippies riding this Volkswagen Microbus during the ‘60s and ‘70s. Big families had them, too.

What’s this one?

This is the Ford Fairlane. It’s one reliable model of old times.

What is this model?

The Ford Mustang is a definitive car make of the ‘60s. Cool!

This one’s unforgettable! What is it?

The lovable Volkswagen Beetle is everyone’s favorite “first car.” Boomers agree!

This classy car is what type?

Who can’t identify a Mini, then and now? This is one classic car worldwide.

Do you remember this one?

This is the Ford Escort. It’s a fast-moving brand of the ‘70s.

And this super-classy one?

This is the Mercedes-Benz 300SL type. Your rich uncle might have cruised around in this one.

What about this one?

This is the Chrysler Imperial. You might have seen it when you were very young.

Can you recall this one?

This is a Ford Granada. Granada is actually the Spanish term for grenade!

Remember what this is called?

This is the Studebaker Golden Hawk. Billie Joel immortalized it in his song, “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

Which one is this?

This is the Ford Pinto. Horses are favorite choices when naming cars, it seems.

How about this?

This is the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser. Have you seen one pass through the New Jersey Turnpike?

Remember this vehicle?

The F100 is the second generation of the Ford F-Series. It's classy to have one today!

How about this vehicle?

This is the Pontiac Firebird. It flies!

And this vehicle is called…?

This is the Austin Allegro. It was a popular model back then.

Do remember this? What is it?

This is the Dodge Charger. It’s a nice car for solo driving.

This one is ...?

This is the Cadillac Eldorado. It’s considered one of the best cars of the ‘50s.

This cool model is known as what?

This is the Jaguar E-type. Rich boomers may have collected this one.

How about this brand?

This is a Ford Capri. It sounds like the cigarette brand, right?

This brand is …?

The Ford Cortina is said to have sold many units in the 1970s. Cool!

Open up and tell us what this is.

This is the Lotus Elan. Such an interesting name for a car brand, eh?

Start spreading the news about this one!

This is the Chrysler New Yorker. There might be many of them in New York, still.

Go ahead and guess! What’s it called?

This is the Chevrolet Camaro. It’s still sexy to own one of these babies today!

Guess this one! The name is …?

This is the Maserati Merak. It’s a pricey model.

Remember or guess! What’s it called?

This is the Lamborghini Countach. Such a classic sports car!

Gentlemen and ladies, what is this?

This is the Aston Martin DB5. Agent 007 loves this brand.

Your dad might know this! What is it?

This is the Oldsmobile 76. It’s strange why a car would be named “old” but hey…

Remember this classy classic?

This is the Porsche 911. Weird numbers, though.

What’s the name or brand of this one?

This is the Morris Marina. It was an affordable model.

Do you recall this one, known as …?

This is the Reliant Robin. It was indeed reliable for many boomers.

Last chance down memory lane, so can you name it?

This is the De Tomaso Pantera. Yep, it means panther!

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