Quiz: Henry Morton Stanley: Darkness of the Heart
Henry Morton Stanley: Darkness of the Heart
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: Wiki Commons

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Henry Morton Stanley is best known as a swashbuckling adventurer. But he was more than just a 19th-century version of Indiana Jones. He was a boy who survived a terrible childhood and then blossomed into a hard-headed explorer. How much do you know about Stanley and his quests?

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Henry Morton Stanley is best known for his adventures in which area of the world?
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Stanley was raised by his grandfather. What happened to his mother?
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His grandfather died, too, leaving poor Henry to be raised by whom?
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Stanley fought in which war?
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Stanley was just 18 when he arrived in America. Where did he land?
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Henry Morton Stanley was NOT his real name.
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He was raised in an institution. How did Stanley fare during his time at the workhouse for the poor?
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Following his military service, what occupation did he pursue?
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Why did the Herald decide to send Stanley to Africa?
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What did the newspaper editors hope that Stanley would accomplish upon finding Livingstone?
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Stanley traveled to Africa in a time when transportation was relatively undeveloped. How long did it take him to find Livingstone?
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It took him eight months to find Livingstone. What did Stanley say to the doctor after he found him?
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Stanley's iconic greeting is totally fiction.
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Following his success in finding Livingstone, what did Stanley set out to do?
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He spent much of his time mapping which river?
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Stanley started his mapping expedition with about 230 people. How many did he have by the end of the journey?
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In his writing, Stanley coined a new term for Africa. What did he call the continent?
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Stanley pushed forward on his expedition in spite of great hardship. The Africans called him "Bula Matari," which means what?
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What sort of reputation did Stanley have with the public?
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In the 1880s, Stanley developed a business relationship with the king of which country?
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Prior to his expedition for Belgium, Stanley was engaged to be married. What happened to his fiancee while he was gone to Africa?
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Stanley spent much of his time in the wild. What habit did he maintain during his journeys?
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During the expedition, Stanley led the way with a vanguard. A so-called "Rear Column" of European men brought up the rear. They became known for what?
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After several successful expeditions, what did Stanley say was the most important element to journeying through Africa?
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Stanley adventured for decades and then finally married.
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Henry endured significant hardship in his life. How did he feel about religion?
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Stanley led large expeditions through difficult circumstances. What was he like as a leader?
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Henry did a lot of writing about his adventures. How did he tend to treat his stories?
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Stanley survived countless terrifying ordeals in Africa. How did he finally die?
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