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Hemangiomas can look startling -- they're those raised, bright-red birthmarks that babies sometimes develop. But fear not if you see one on your own child -- they're painless, not contagious, and they'll eventually go away. Take this quiz to learn some more about hemangiomas.

There are three kinds of birthmarks: red, pigmented and scaly.

There are only two types: red and pigmented. Hemangiomas fall into the 'red' category.


A hemangioma's red color is caused by a skin fungus.

Nope, hemangiomas are red because of excess blood vessels.


There are two kinds of hemangioma: cherry and cavernous.

Strawberry hemangiomas are raised and on the skin's surface; cavernous hemangiomas, as their name suggests, are deeper in the skin.


About one in every 50 babies will develop a hemangioma.

Yes, about one in every 50 gets a hemangioma.


Hemangiomas are inherited.

Yes, hemangiomas run in families, but no, there's no pattern of generation-skipping.


Hemangiomas are always present at birth.

Cavernous hemangiomas are more likely to be there from the start, and the strawberry versions come up between 3 to 5 weeks later.


Dark-skinned boys are the group most likely to develop hemangiomas.

Lighter-skinned girls are actually the most common group.


If your child has a strawberry hemangioma, it will probably disappear by the time he or she is about 9 years old.

Strawberry hemangiomas usually clear up by the time a child is 9 -- no treatment necessary.


Hemangiomas on the nose are the least likely to totally disappear.

For some reason, lip hemangiomas might not completely fade.


There is no treatment for hemangiomas -- you just have to wait for them to go away.

When a hemangioma grows too fast, or when it impedes vision or other functions, it can be treated. Medicine, surgery and laser treatment are the options.


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