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Twisted creatures ravage humanity in this dark film series. How much do you about the "Hellraiser" movies? Take this quiz to find out.

What's the name of the terrifying creature that stars in the "Hellraiser" films?

Pinhead is a creature from another dimension that ravages Earth in search of human souls.


How many movies are there in the "Hellraiser" franchise?

The nine-film franchise all started with Clive Barker's novella of the same name.


Of the nine films, in how many has Doug Bradley played the character named Pinhead?

Bradley was Pinhead in eight of the films, but he was not cast for the part in 2011's "Revelations."


What type of creature is Pinhead?

The Cenobites are fictional beings created by Clive Barker. They have various appearances, but they all look like brutally mutilated humans.


How many of the films has Clive Barker directed?

Barker has directed only one of the films in the series that he helped to create.


What rating did the first film earn from the Motion Picture Association of America?

The extreme gore of the first edited version earned an X rating and required Barker to cut several scenes.


What year was the first "Hellraiser" movie released?

It was released in 1987 to mixed reviews but more than made back the money poured into its production.


What is the name of the mysterious puzzle box that appears in the movies?

The Lament Configuration helps the Cenobites cross into and out of the human dimension.


What was the budget of the first "Hellraiser" film?

Its budget of $1 million turned out to be a solid investment — it made around $14 million at the box office.


In how many "Hellraiser" movies did Clare Higgins appear?

Higgins appeared in the first two movies. She was also in 2007's "The Golden Compass."


What's the name of the primary protagonist in the first "Hellraiser"?

Kirsty Cotton is the niece of Frank Cotton, the man who first finds the puzzle box that ultimately unleashes the Cenobites.


Frank Cotton was guilty of which crime?

Cotton was driven mad by lust and wasn't opposed to rape. He eventually wound up in hell.


In the second movie, what body part is Julia missing at the beginning of the movie?

She's missing her skin, creating a bloody mess. Slowly she begins to regenerate as she feeds on other people.


What is the name of the Cenobite that safeguards the Lament Configuration?

When Kirsty attempts to burn the box in the first movie, Derelict is the Cenobite who whisks the puzzle box out of the fire.


Where was "Hellraiser: Deader" filmed?

The seventh film in the series was filmed in Romania and went straight to video.


Bruce Ramsay plays a character that earns which nickname in "Bloodline"?

The Toymaker painstakingly builds the Lament Configuration not knowing that it will turn into a doorway to the darkest realms.


In how many theaters was "Hellraiser: Revelations" released?

It opened in just a single theater, and it was actually just a screening for the crew. It was never promoted for theaters.


How long did it take to shoot the scenes for "Hellraiser: Revelations"?

The film was rushed into production simply so that The Weinstein Co. wouldn't lose rights to the franchise.


What was the approximate budget for "Hellraiser: Revelations"?

The miniscule budget wasn't meant to be recouped at the theater. It was considered a disposable production intended just to ward off the expiration of the studio's movie rights.


In "Hellbound: Hellraiser II," a girl named Tiffany struggles with which problem?

She's mute, but she has a particular skill at solving puzzles, a fact that helps her figure out the Lament Configuration.


In total, about how much did the "Hellraiser" movies make at the box office?

Compared to other horror franchises, such as "Friday the 13th," "Hellraiser" didn't make as much, but the $50 million has been enough to stoke the fires for a 2017 remake.


What is the name of the actress who plays Kirsty Cotton?

Laurence appeared in the first two movies and the 2002 sequel.


What was the subtitle of the "Hellraiser" film that was released in 2002?

"Hellseeker" was released straight to video and starred Dean Winters.


After the surprise success of the first film, how long did it take the studio to release a sequel?

Looking to capitalize on the first movie, the sequel was released just a year later, in 1988.


How many of the "Hellraiser" movies were written by Clive Barker?

Barker wrote only the original movie; each of the films has had a new writer.


What's the setting for "Hellraiser IV: Bloodline"?

The space station is intended to be a trap for the Cenobites, and, at the end of the movie, it works.


What's the name of the ruler of the Cenobites?

Leviathan is the Cenobite ruler, and he doubles as the god of hell.


Which was the last "Hellraiser" movie to be released to theaters?

The movie made only $9 million at the box office on its $4 million budget. The terrible reviews meant that future "Hellraiser" movies would probably be direct-to-video.


In the 2005 "Hellraiser" movie, kids play which online game?

The rather unoriginal title of the game is Hellworld, which becomes a central plot point in the movie.


What's the name of the box that's intended to ensnare and destroy the Cenobites?

The Elysium Configuration is made to undo the terrors of the Lament Configuration and create a perpetual reflection of light within a box.


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