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When a home's heating or cooling systems fails, most home owners do not know what to do and call for a professional. Knowing some basic information about how heating and cooling systems work may help you deal with system mishaps by yourself. Take this quiz and see how good your knowledge of heating and cooling system basics is.

What is the power source for air conditioners?

Air conditioners are powered by electricity.


A heat pump heats and _______ the air.

A heat pump heats and cools the air.


Some radiant systems depend on gravity. Why might this be a problem?

The pipes used for hot water may slant in the wrong direction.


What is the key component of a thermostat?

The key component is a bimetallic element. The element expands or contracts as your home's temperature changes.


Modern heating and cooling systems use what type of thermostat to control air temperature?

A solid-state electronic thermostat is used to control the air of modern heating and cooling systems.


How do your repair a faulty solid-state thermostat?

When they cease to operate, these thermostats must be replaced.


What is an advantage of solid-state thermostats?

Solid-state thermostats may be more accurate than older models.


What type of slab construction is needed for radiant heating systems?

Most modern radiant systems are built into homes with a concrete slab foundation.


Climate-controlled systems have how many basic components?

Climate-controlled systems have three basic components: a source of warmed or cooled air, an air distribution system and a control to regulate the system.


What control is used to regulate heating and cooling systems?

A thermostat is used to regulate heating and cooling systems.


What can be a source for warm air?

A furnace is a usual source for warm air, but an air conditioner can also be set to heat as well as cool.


What is a source for cool air?

An air conditioner is your usual source for cool air.


In homes with central air, other than cool air, what will most likely flow through the same air ducts?

In homes with central air conditioning, cool and warm air usually share the home's air ducts.


When using heating and cooling systems, how is air moved to the various rooms in a home?

Air is distributed by forced-air, gravity or radiant systems.


Forced air systems use what mechanism to move air?

A forced air systems uses a blower to force air through a home's duct system.


Gravity systems are based on what principle?

The principle of hot air rising and cold air sinking is the basis of the gravity system.


In radiant systems, what heats the water?

At the source, a boiler is used to heat water.


What is a common problem of forced-air systems?

Problems with the blower is a common issue for forced-air systems.


What principle are the systems heating and cooling based on?

The principle of heat moving from a warm object to a cooler object.


In homes with central air, what does the thermostat usually regulate?

The thermostat usually regulates both the heating and cooling systems.


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