Quiz: The Healthy Things That Aren't Quiz
The Healthy Things That Aren't Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

We make a lot of assumptions about what's healthy and what isn't. How much do you really know about so-called healthy foods and behaviors? Take this quiz to see if you can separate the good from the bad.

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True or false: All products listed as "100 percent natural" are, in general, better for you.
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Brushing your teeth as hard as possible has what effect?
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Which common sunscreen ingredient can be unhealthy?
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So-called light salad dressings are often loaded with what?
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To maintain a healthy weight, how many meals per day should you eat?
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About how much sodium does an average can of soup have?
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What happens when you take higher-than-recommended levels of vitamins?
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Why is granola often a poor snacking choice?
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Sun exposure can damage your skin, but avoiding it altogether can lead to a deficiency in what vitamin?
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Frozen diet dinners often contain too much of what ingredient?
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Why does napping during the day have negative consequences for many people?
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About how many calories does a single serving of spinach artichoke dip contain?
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Why are gluten-free products healthier than other products?
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BHA is found in crackers, beer, butter and other foods and may cause what?
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Which color of corn chips is healthiest?
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Why are doughnuts NOT a great choice for breakfast?
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Why is flavored fat-free yogurt NOT so healthy?
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What do many bottled waters fail to list on their labels?
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Deli turkey meat often has levels of this substance, which is hard on your heart.
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What potentially life-threatening ingredient do many manufacturers add to dried fruit?
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How does skipping meals, such as breakfast, help a weight-loss plan?
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What ingredient do enhanced waters often include in excess?
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Diet soda might lead to how much of an increase in metabolic syndrome?
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How many calories are there in a 40-ounce (1,134-gram) Smoothie King Greek Yogurt Peach Papaya smoothie?
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How long should you wait to brush your teeth after a meal?
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What makes for a good snack after a hard workout?
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What is the optimum number of showers per day to maintain hygiene?
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