Healthy Summer Foods Quiz - Are your fav dishes as healthy as you think they are?

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Lots of popular summer dishes sneak in hidden calories and other unhealthy additives that could leave you looking less-than-cute in your new bikini. Find out how well you can gauge whether classic summertime dishes are healthy or not by taking this quiz.

Potato salad. Healthy or not?

A typical potato salad -- complete with, say, potatoes, mayonnaise, eggs and an assortment of onions, celery, pickle relish and green peppers, along with a dash of pimiento, salt and dry mustard -- might be a good source of vitamin C, but it's also high in health-busters like sodium and cholesterol.


Hamburgers. Healthy or not?

Ground beef often gets a bad rep, but when eaten only once in a while, it can be a fairly healthy option if you follow a few simple guidelines. The two main areas to focus on are the meat's leanness and the patty's toppings. Look for 90 to 95 percent lean mean and add a whole wheat bun with lots of nutritious add-ons. Think along the lines of lettuce, tomatoes and onions, and pass on trimmings like cheese and mayonnaise. You can also opt for healthier options like turkey burgers if you're planning to grill out a lot.


Jell-O salad. Healthy or not?

The slogan "There's always room for Jell-O" might need to be qualified with: "although maybe not so much in a healthy diet." Fruit gelatin has loads of sugar, and once you pile on all the saturated fat and cholesterol that come in a serving or two of whipped cream, well, let's just say not even throwing in some berries can save you at that point.


Pasta salad. Healthy or not?

It's a step up from a Jell-O salad, sure, but a pasta salad can still be a far cry from healthy depending on the other ingredients you use. If you go for a recipe with wheat pasta and lots of fruits and veggies, that's a good plan. Another option is to exploit the healthy goodness of ingredients like wheat berries and olive oil.


Watermelon. Healthy or not?

Watermelons can be great at quenching your thirst on hot summer afternoons, and they're a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. The only potential downside is that they contain a decent amount of sugar to deliver their signature sweetness.


Coleslaw. Healthy or not?

If you do coleslaw KFC-style, with plenty of mayo, you'll be getting a good amount of vitamin C, but also a fair quantity of fat and sugar along with it. One healthy alternative is to go the Asian coleslaw route. That way you sidestep the mayo but still enjoy the benefits of cabbage and other nutritious veggies.


Corn on the cob. Healthy or not?

Corn on the cob can give you fiber along with other dietary goodness, but be careful you don't load on too much butter or salt, as both of these can be a bad thing. A little olive oil and red pepper flakes, or perhaps lime juice with just a dash of salt, can do the trick instead.


Hotdogs. Healthy or not?

Attention: People attempting to eat healthy this summer, we are going to need you to put the hotdog down and back away slowly. Or quickly. Quickly works, too. That's because there's lots of saturated fat and sodium in hotdogs -- making them a summer treat that's terrible for your health.


Ice cream. Healthy or not?

Indulging in some ice cream is a pretty standard summer tradition, but if you're looking to be healthy, it's a big mistake. Try grabbing a popsicle instead. Sure, they've also got a bit of sugar in them, but no fat and cholesterol. Want an even better solution? Make your own fruit-and-honey-infused popsicles.


Fried chicken. Healthy or not?

Fried food might taste delicious, but it's doing dangerous things to your arteries and downright unattractive things to your waistline. There are plenty of healthy -- and still tasty -- ways to whip up some chicken, so do a little experimenting.


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