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It's a parents responsibility to raise healthy children. A daunting task to say the least! Children are at risk of obesity more than ever, primarily as a result of unhealthy eating habits and limited exercise. Take this quiz and learn how you can raise a healthy kid.

What is a budget friendly way to increase your child's physical activity?

You don't need a fancy trampoline to increase your child's physical activity. Get back to the basics by encouraging the classics, like hopscotch, playing tag or jumping rope.


When grocery shopping you should:

Processed foods are generally located in the middle of a grocery store. You are more likely to purchase healthy, non-processed food if you stick to the store's perimeter.


How can you promote your child's motivation to succeed?

It's important for your child to develop goal-driven behavior. Set reasonable goals for you child as a way to promote a healthy motivation to succeed.


How can you teach your child about nutrition?

Make learning about nutrition fun and hands on. Bring your child into the kitchen and let your child help out with the cooking. Perhaps even try creating healthy meals from a kid-friendly cookbook.


What is a benefit of having your child cook with you in the kitchen?

Create fun memories for your child by having them help out in the kitchen -- it's a great bonding opportunity. Your children may also be more likely to actually eat what they helped make.


How can you make your child's television watching less sedentary and more active?

Many children's programs send a positive message about physical activity. Have your child watch a program about a sport or skill and then go practice that activity outside together.


How can you encourage healthy snacking?

Children learn by watching their parents. If you want your child to eat healthy snacks, you should eat healthy snacks too. Most importantly, maintain snacking limits and ban unhealthy snacks from your home.


Use family dinner time as an opportunity to:

Use family dinner time as an educational session. This is an opportunity for the family to learn all together.


How can you get the most out of your child's doctor's appointment?

Pay close attention to your child's functioning, development and well-being. Make sure to write down all of your questions and concerns before going to a doctor's appointment.


What is the best way to make sure your child gets an hour of physical activity each day?

Your child should get a minimum of an hour of physical activity each day. The best way to accomplish this is to divide up the time throughout the day in small 15- to 30-minute activity sessions.


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