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Hurry! Skeletor has imprisoned Prince Adam and taken control of Castle Grayskull! Only you can defeat him by answering all the questions in this He-Man and the Masters of the Universe quiz!

To transform, Prince Adam holds up his sword and says, "By the power of…"

He-Man's power was drawn from Castle Grayskull.

Battle Cat's weaker form is known as…

The cowardly Cringer turns into the heroic Battle Cat.

Who is the mystical keeper of Castle Grayskull's power?

The Sorceress Teela Na protects Castle Grayskull and grants Adam his power.

Which action figure featured a pine-fresh scent?

Moss Man was covered in green "moss" fur and smelled like pine.

Which hero would you call if you needed to get through a locked door in a hurry?

Ram Man can smash through doors with his armored head and spring-loaded legs.

In "He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special," Orko's spaceship goes awry and crashes on what planet?

Orko lands on Earth, where he learns about Christmas from some children.

If you were standing in the throne room of the Castle Grayskull playset, what might happen to you if someone twisted the throne?

The throne room trap door was a beloved feature of the Castle Grayskull toy.

What is Skeletor's base of operations called?

Skeletor and his minions are based on Snake Mountain.

In some versions of He-Man continuity, King Randor's half-brother Keldor became …

Keldor may have fallen through a rift into another dimension, where he was transformed into the dark sorcerer Skeletor.

Who did Man-at-Arms adopt?

Man-at-Arms' adopted daughter is Teela, daughter of Teela Na, the Sorceress.

Clawful is part man, part…

Clawful is a giant crab-man. He's not a big fan of "Deadliest Catch."

Moss Man wasn't the only scented action figure. Which villain is notorious for his stinky toy?

Stinkor was a skunk-man whose action figure was scented by infusing the plastic with patchouli oil.

Scare Glow is notable for what reason?

Scare Glow was released late in the He-Man line's run, so relatively few were produced. Today he sells for $100 or more.

What happened at the end of every "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" episode?

The moral lessons were intended to blunt criticism that the cartoon's only purpose was to market toys to kids.

What is the name of Skeletor's cat ally?

Despite his evil ways, Skeletor seems to like animals, including his friend Panthor.

What race is Orko?

Orko is from a place in another dimension called Trolla, so he's a Trollan.

What is the name of Prince Adam's twin sister?

Adora is Adam's twin. She eventually becomes She-Ra, Princess of Power.

Who is Prince Adam's father, King Randor, married to?

Randor and Marlena are the parents of Adam and Adora.

Where is Hordak's base of operations?

Hordak and the Hordes hang out in the Fright Zone, as one does.

What special ability did the Kobra Khan action figure have?

The Kobra Khan toy sprayed a "poison mist" from its mouth.

Which of these was NOT an actual He-Man character?

There really were characters named Clamp Champ and Fisto, but no Drill Face.

What happened when you twisted the waist of the Mekanek action figure?

His neck extended. Try not to think too much about what life would be like with a mechanical, extending neck.

What city is the capital of Eternia?

Eternos is where the Royal Palace of Eternia is located.

On what planet does She-Ra lead the Great Rebellion against Hordak?

Etheria is She-Ra's home, though she often travels to Eternia.

What is the name of She-Ra's pegasus/unicorn companion?

Swift Wind is She-Ra's winged unicorn companion.

The two moons of Eternia are Bright Moon and…

Phantos, the other moon, is ruled by Queen Elmora (and later her brother, King Barbo).

What is the falcon Zoar's true identity?

The Sorceress transforms into Zoar to travel and deliver messages to He-Man.

Man-E-Faces' three faces are a man, a monster and…

Each face had its own strength and personality. The robot face enjoys playing chess.

Hordak answers to the ruler of the Intergalactic Horde. What is that ruler's name?

Horde Prime might be Hordak's older brother.

What exaggerated feature did the action figure Sssqueeze have?

Sssqueeze had enormously long arms.

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