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Hawaii is a land of amazing beaches, mountain summits, lush jungles and volcanoes. How much do you know about this vacation paradise?


While the word may be fun to say, it's not a greeting or a volcano -- it's one of the main islands.


There are a lot of volcanoes in Hawaii, but this is actually Honolulu's Zenith Star -- which rises directly above the city.


It's the name of the state because it's the name of its largest island, also called "The Big Island."


This is the fourth largest of the eight main islands.

Waialeale Mountain?

This mountain is a lot of things, but dry isn't one of them. It's been called the wettest spot on Earth.


Honolulu is nothing if not large. So yes, it's the 11th largest metro area in the United States.


This is Hawaii, so aim high on the beach count. Honolulu has more than 100.


Oahu may grow some coffee and pineapples, but it also has a lot of wind and the largest wind generator on the planet.


If you're a tourist and have been to Hawaii, there's a good chance you went to Oahu. It hosts more travelers than any other island.


I bet you didn't guess that it was a leper colony. But it was. Really.

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