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The sitcom "Happy Days" made us all... well, happy. Richie, the Fonz, Potsie and Ralph, the Cunninghams and their crew made it into just about every American living room. Do you remember who said what on this iconic show?

Which "Happy Days" character often said, "Sit on it"?

The Fonz was most likely to say "Sit on it," but it was a pretty popular phrase of the time.

Which "Happy Days" character asked, "What’s a Fonzie?"

Howard Cunningham, played by Tom Bosley, was a bit confused at first.

Which "Happy Days" character said, "aaayyy"?

"Aaaayyy" was Fonzie's catchphrase. It usually came with a grand gesture of arms or thumbs.

Which "Happy Days" character often said, "exactamundo"?

The character of Arthur Fonzarelli was played by Henry Winkler.

Which character sometimes refered to people as "bucko"?

The character of Richie Cunningham was played by Ron Howard, former child star of "The Andy Griffith Show."

Which "Happy Days" character sometimes exclaimed, "yowza yowza yowza"?

Another Richie-ism, "yowza" is a good thing. Ron Howard is now a big-time director.

Which "Happy Days" character said "You’re such a Potsie"?

Ralph said these words to Potsie himself when Potsie was being particularly Potsie-like.

Which character told Howard, "We just had some beer - in teeny-weeny glasses"?

After Richie's night of drunken revelry, Howard lent a hand by giving him some teeny-weeny cups of coffee.

Which "Happy Days" character said, "Well, school's got good points. I mean, smoking in the bathroom, cutting classes, showing my tattoo to the chicks"?

Fonzie said it, but we don't recall ever seeing any tattoos.

Which "Happy Days" character said, "I mean, it's the only job I know where they pay you to drive a motorcycle"?

Fonzie talked about his post high-school goals with Mrs. C, his pet name for Marion Cunningham.

Which "Happy Days" character mused, "Richard, there is one thing that women like men to do. It's what they call a 'romantic gesture.' We men call it 'eating crow'"?

Words of wisdom from father to son.

Which character said, "Today is Junior Chipmunk father/daughter outing"?

Of course it was Joanie. Howard was trying to get out of the outing.

Which confused character lamented, "Why did you let me kiss you if you didn't want to go steady"?

Cindy's study strategy was to give the boys one kiss. Guess, for Richie, it meant they were going steady.

Which character noted, "Well, with beef at 68 cents a pound, I can't blame her"?

This quip was Howard's response to Joanie's observation that "Barbara Jo Allen ate a fly."

Which "Happy Days" character said, "Marion, we're not trying to get into 'Better Homes and Gardens.' We're trying to survive a nuclear attack"?

Remember the bomb shelter episode? What a classic!

Which character said, "Like I always say, you live fast, you die young, you leave a good-looking corpse"?

Fonzie said it, but even Richie knew that he wasn't the first to use the phrase.

Which "Happy Days" character happily exclaimed, "This girl's got potential. I took her to the drive-in the other night, and she's still talking to me"?

The character of Potsie was played by Anson Williams. The character's full name was Warren Weber, but really, only Mrs. Cunningham called him Warren.

Which character boasted, "We even got a sidecar for my grandma"?

That Fonzarelli family is pretty accommodating.

Which character said, "I really dig intellectual girls, especially that one. I love the way her mind fills her sweater"?

The character of Ralph Malph was played by Don Most. Did you remember that the character's middle name was Hector?

Which character noted, "No one on my side of the family ever went to a psychiatrist"?

Marion and Howard were busy trying to figure out which genes were responsible for the family quirks.

Which "Happy Days" character said, "wah-wah-wah"?

The character of Chachi was played by Scott Baio. The character's full name was Charles Arcola.

Which character sang, "I found my thrill..."?

Richie sang this Fats Domino song.

Which "Happy Days" character noted, "Hey, I'm not the dreamer! I'm the dreamee"?

Many girls of the generation dreamed of the Fonz!

Which character lamented, "I missed that question on Alaska. I hear they want to make it a state now"?

That Potsie was none too bright.

Which character said, "They're also saying that I look like a movie star because my teeth are too even"?

No, Ralph's father wasn't an orthodontist. He was an optometrist.

Which character noted, "Let me tell ya, it's a lot of fun in La-La land"?

Fonzie's grandmother, Grandma Nussbaum, is the only one who is allowed to call him Skippy.

Which character said, "One little slip and chomp! Chomp! Chomp"?

Richie spoke these words to Fonzie upon hearing that the Fonz was going to jump over a shark.

Which character questioned, "You picked a fight with a red and black tree"?

Fonzie said these words to Richie when Richie was having a bit of trouble with a lumberjack.

Which "Happy Days" character said, "Don't. You won't like their hairstyle"?

Words of wisdom from Fonzie to Richie, when Richie exclaimed he was going to become a monk.

Which character introduced his friends to a burglar with "Burglar, meet my friends, Ralph and Potsie"?

Well, if you can't beat 'em....

Which character said, "Right or wrong, I always apologize. It keeps my allowance coming in"?

Smart girl, that Joanie. The character was played by Erin Moran. She passed away in 2017.

Which character mused, "I don't get it. Two red-headed gods and she picks Potsie Weber. Maybe she feels sorry for him"?

Ralph and Richie were the red-headed gods, of course. Or, at least, they had red hair.

Which character noted, "Don't feel bad. When she's mad at me, she calls me 'brat'"?

Mrs. Cunningham always called Richie "Richard" when she was mad at him.

Which character said, "My mind's not suspicious, just dirty"?

Ralph eventually became an optometrist just like his father.

Which character boasted, "I've still got it"?

Ralph's jokes were a thing of beauty. Yeah, let's go with that.

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