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Does going into work make you squeal with glee or fake appendicitis? There's room for both the Kool-Aid sippers and worker drones alike in this quiz, which tests you — and perhaps depresses you — about the happiest places to earn a salary.

Who compiles lists of best places to work?

Sorry, there's no master list of American workplace ratings.


High-pressure companies have been shown to:

Maybe a foosball break every now and then is worth it.


Workplace stress also leads to:

Stressed out employees are mistake- and accident-prone employees.


A 2014 study showed that the longer you have a poor manager at work, the more risk you have of:

A bad boss is bad for your health.


There are many ways to measure employee happiness. Which is one?

Feeling actively interested and finding meaning in work leads to feelings of value and security.


A recent survey estimated that workplaces spend how much a year to measure — and improve — employee engagement?

More and more, workplaces are implementing engagement programs.


According to a recent survey, how many companies are now monitoring employee engagement?

Engagement is now the most-measured metric for human resources.


What's another surprising benefit of an engaged workforce at a company?

Engaged employees lead to more prospective workers.


Glassdoor releases an annual "Best Places To Work" list. What is one criteria they ask employees to rate?

Although a mid-century modern office space would be pretty cool.


What was named the Best Place to Work by Glassdoor in 2016?

And to be fair, they do have really awesome office furniture.


Glassdoor also releases a Best Place to Work list for small and medium companies. Who tops that list?

The marketing and design company is based in Colorado.


Now that's all fine and good, but let's talk perks. What does Google NOT offer its employees?

Sadly, Google will only provide shuttles for transportation. No cars.


What are "Baby Bonding Bucks," offered at Google?

The $500 is given to all parents.


Not to be outdone, what perk did Netflix offer to new parents beginning in 2015?

Talk about baby bonding bucks.


REI offers employees what perk?

"Yay Days" let REI employees hit the slopes, hike a trail or surf a swell while getting paid.


Speaking of hitting the slopes, what does Burton Snowboards offer employees?

No word on if your snow day can consist of staying home and drinking hot chocolate instead of snowboarding.


When a Google employee dies, their spouse receives:

That's absurdly generous, and totally cool.


At Twitter's communal social space, you can find what on tap?

I would recommend the wine or beer.


Google was named the best company to work for by Fortune magazine for how many of the last 10 years?

The Fortune methodology includes a Culture Audit, which sounds terrifying.


What employee offers free admission to its parks to not only employees, but friends and family?

The Happiest Workplace on Earth, unofficially.


What is the largest employee-owned company?

Facebook and Google are not employee-owned.


What has been shown to lead to a better performance on the job, as well as more mental acuity and learning?

Strangely, social connections also led to less sick time and faster surgery recovery.


Performance outcomes are improved when bosses:

Kind, considerate bosses make for productive employees.


What kind of challenges do employees benefit from?

Goals at work are great — just don't make them impossible, or boredom-inducing.


Working outside regular office hours or location (or flextime) has been shown to what?

Working differently doesn't translate to working less.


Job burnout and depression has been shown to decrease with:

Walk around the office on breaks for your mental health.


A cold office:

Seriously, research has shown that people correlate physical warmth with social warmth.


Workplace happiness and engagement:

Despite loads of evidence that engaged employees are happier, employees are increasingly dissatisfied and disengaged.


Some workplaces do not offer bonuses because:

Places like Netflix only offer salaries, to eliminate bonus-driven goals.


Companies who have high employee happiness scores also have:

In other words, happy employees create successful businesses.


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